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Hello, Beautiful Soul! I assume you’re on this page because you’re interested to make me do something for you. You do not know how happy I am that you even landed on this page! While we’re continually growing each day, it is my pleasure that you’re considering a partnership with me (given that I have a very humble following, I bet you can help me grow too!). If you wanna know more about the blog and the niche I like writing about, you can read here. Or if you wanna know more about the author, my story is in here.

What are we doing, by the way?
I hope it’s something that would inspire people to do discover and try something new. That’s mainly what this blog is all about, to inspire more people to leave their comfort zones and brave the unknown, to be fearless and experience things worth remembering. 

Simply put, I hope we’re making people HAPPY.  

Are we doing something that would make them smile?
Or giggle?
Or shout in excitement?

If so, let’s go!

I believe you are aware that Hello, Beautiful Soul used to be a personal blog, who now recently opened her doors to the idea of partnerships. I used not to care about statistics and numbers but since I’ve had the goal to reach out to more beautiful souls, I extended efforts in trying to grow my reach. With humility in my heart, my blog is now getting around 5,000++ monthly views with around 3,000++ unique visitors. It may not be as huge as others, but we can work on it. I assure you that you’re getting quality views over quantity.

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Let’s G?
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Thank you so much!
– Ellaine