To be honest, I never even imagined monetizing what I write on this site but since I’m broke and I need to earn twice (or thrice) as much as I do now so that I can support this artista life I am trying to live, I would definitely love to work with you (if you wanna work with me, too).

W H A T  C A N  Y O U  D O? 

Well for starters, I can ruin your life. LOLJK! Apart from my 7-4 day job, I do a lot of freelance gigs on the side so if you’re in need of any of the following services, you can ask me out:

  • Content Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic & Layout Design
  • Brand Management
  • Speaking Engagements (Academic or Industrial)

And if you’re interested in partnering with this blog instead, below are the services I can offer you:

  • Travel Relevant Reviews (includes but aren’t limited to free travels, travel products, accommodation reviews, tour reviews, etc.)
  • Food Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Cosmetic Reviews
  • Sponsored Postings
  • Promo Collaborations
  • Brand Promotion


H O W  M U C H  I S  Y O U R  R A T E ?

Rates are negotiable. If there is one thing I’d never want my clients to stress over, that’s their budget so I am very much flexible with payment and terms, as long as it is justifiable. Just let me know what your offer is, and we’ll see what we can accomplish with it. A rate card is also available, if you’re wondering what I think I am worth. HAHA. Just let me know so that I can send it over to your email.

W H Y  S H O U L D  W E  W O R K  W I T H  Y O U?

I am in no way a big influencer. Socially speaking, I only have 5 REAL LIFE FRIENDS but I know a lot of people. In the online world, I have around 1,062 Facebook friends, 2600++ Facebook Page Likes, 1300++ Instagram Followers, around 2700++ unique visitors on my site monthly and a small number of Twitter followers. However, I am sharing with you this article from The Startup. It’s about these new marketing game changers called “microinfluencers”. These people are those with lower number of followers yet, have a higher engagement rate. So, if you’re asking why should you consider working with me, well, based from the article, I might be giving you the following:

  • 60% higher engagement rate
  • Lower rate cost compared to bigger influencers
  • 22.2% more weekly conversations than the average consumer

“Sixty percent higher campaign engagement rates are driven by micro-influencers; those campaigns are 6.7 times more efficient per engagement than influencers with larger followings, which makes them more cost effective; and micro-influencers drive 22.2 times more weekly conversations than the average consumer.”

I can go on convincing you, but I suggest you just read the article instead.

H O W  C A N  W E  C O N T A C T  Y O U ?

If you wanna send me a message, you may use this contact form below. However, if you wish to connect on social media, you may visit my Facebook Page, Instagram or Twitter accounts.

I am excited to hear from y’all! Do send me a message.
– Ellaine