Testimonial from Ms. Feri Aquino

I met Ellaine in 2009. I get to spend time with her but once a year when I visit the Philippines to conduct Medical/Dental Missions.

Ellaine stands out among the people I spend time with during my visits. She has a kind heart and very giving – of her time and of her talents. I witnessed this first-hand when she volunteered at one the Feeding programs I conducted at Poten High School.

Not only was she helpful, but showed how much she cared for those children. Ellaine is street-smart, intelligent, articulate, and speaks her mind. She’s very reliable and responsible; when given a project, she “takes the ball and runs with it”. She appears stubborn at times, but it only shows her determination and diligence to finish the task she has at hand.

On the lighter side, Ellaine has a bubbly personality, a great sense of humor, and a lot of fun to be with.

Feri Aquino, Missionary
San Diego, California