Testimonial from Mr. Earl Guzman

Having Ellaine share her experiences to my online writing class was wonderful!

Her conversational and easy approach helped tremendously in getting a vital message across: anyone can write. It was nice to hear someone talk about writing with such passion and love for what she does and I think that’s one of the things that motivated my students to come to class and apply what they’ve learned. Writing isn’t rocket science and she’s made that pretty clear.

From practical tips on how to hit gold in freelance writing to motivating my students to write, everything she discussed was useful and relevant.

As a writer myself, I couldn’t have possibly asked for more.

– Mr. Earl Guzman, Professor
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Testimonial from Ms. Feri Aquino

I met Ellaine in 2009. I get to spend time with her but once a year when I visit the Philippines to conduct Medical/Dental Missions.

Ellaine stands out among the people I spend time with during my visits. She has a kind heart and very giving – of her time and of her talents. I witnessed this first-hand when she volunteered at one the Feeding programs I conducted at Poten High School.

Not only was she helpful, but showed how much she cared for those children. Ellaine is street-smart, intelligent, articulate, and speaks her mind. She’s very reliable and responsible; when given a project, she “takes the ball and runs with it”. She appears stubborn at times, but it only shows her determination and diligence to finish the task she has at hand.

On the lighter side, Ellaine has a bubbly personality, a great sense of humor, and a lot of fun to be with.

Feri Aquino, Missionary
San Diego, California

Testimonial from Ms. Yelah Badulis

The first time we met, she simply amazed me with the way she speak because I seldom hear students speak fluently in class.

Someone whom I can compare with Filipinos raised abroad who are studying in same school. She is good in English, I love her diction. She is too stubborn in any other subject but she wanted to impress me. In Math, which is not her forte, she tend to be too inquisitive just to force herself to understand. At the end, I will give all the aid just for her to understand. She only listen to teachers she wanted and ignored those who she think is not capable of educating. She wanted to prove something for herself in her chosen field.

She took up the course that fits her and there she is ending up as a writer. A good writer whose ideas are different. She is a good critic. She tend to correct grammar. She only have high respect to people who communicate well. She can tell stories fluently spoken in English so definitely she can write more than the way she speaks.

—  Yelah Badulis, Teacher
Little Shepherd Business and Science High School

Testimonial from Ms. Trisha Uy

I am pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of Ms. Ellaine De Luna.

Ms. De Luna began working for Mediamagnet as an On-the-job trainee. After performing well, we took her in as a full-time copywriter after graduating from her college. I have seen Ms. De Luna work studiously and with intelligence. She has established good relationships with her colleagues and has developed good work ethics and values. She has handled copywriting jobs for most of our social media accounts, of course, with the approval of her manager.

I am confident that Ms. De Luna will make a position addition to any organization. I offer my recommendation of Ms. Ellaine De Luna without reservation.

Trisha Uy, Chief Executive Officer
MediaMagnet Innovations, Inc.