About The Blog


The title of this blog is how I wish to greet everyone who visits it, because I do believe that each and everyone of us has a beautiful soul and that no matter how cruel the world is, that beauty will never fade away.

I started this blog to actually document the many amazing things I experience in life, be it a wonderful tour abroad or a new lipstick that makes me look better. It’s a testament of how beautiful it is to live, and that there are a lot of reasons for us to #keepgoing. As time passed by, I also started sharing this website to other people because I want every word I use in crafting the content of this site to be empowering. Most of the stories you will find in here are about my adventures, my new favorite cosmetics, food I tried eating or a movie I just recently watched. However, apart from that, you may also find inspirational reads here, focusing mainly on mental health illness, and matters about body shaming. There would also be open letters and poetry, too!

This place is random. It does not cater to a single niche, because like a lot of things, this blog is an amalgam of the many subsets of life in its truest, purest form.
I hope you enjoy reading whatever you may find here!

– Ellaine