The Author & The Blog

The Author

Hi! My name is Ellaine but my friends call me “Yinn”.
I am from circa ’94 and is the eldest among 3, only daughter. I am a part-time corporate slave who works as a creative content specialist and a full-time wanderer who loves the beach, grilled squid, kare-kare, sinigang and sleep.

Apart from exploring the world and eating like a gorger, I am very much in love with cosmetics, books and music. I am an advocate for mental health awareness and is so much against body shaming because I believe that beauty isn’t measured by the waistline. I am a size 30++ and I wear cropped tops, booty shorts and swimsuit because fuck it, yeah?

I have a poor eyesight. I don’t like the idea of calamansi in any dish and I hate bell peppers. I hate wet roads but I love the rain.

The Blog

Every soul is beautiful. Thus, the title of this blog. It is a greeting, a reminder that no matter who you are, what you do, where you’re from or what your past, present and future is, you are a beautiful soul.


So, I started blogging way back high school but I really focused on it. It was actually a past-time, a hobby because ever since, I have always had a huge heart for writing. I’ve had several blogs for years after years but so far, this one is the only blog I really maintained because first, I paid for this. LOL! And second, this blog keeps a deeper value of everything I write.

This blog is a testament of how beautiful it is to live, and that there are a lot of reasons for us to #keepgoing. Most of the stories you will find in here are about my adventures, travel hacks, my new favorite cosmetics, food I tried eating or a movie I just recently watched. However, apart from that, you may also find inspirational reads here, focusing mainly on mental health illness, and matters about body shaming. There would also be open letters and poetry, too!

This place is random. It does not cater to a single niche, because like a lot of things, this blog is an amalgam of the many subsets of life. I hope you enjoy reading whatever you may find here!

Instagram: @ellainedeluna
Twitter: @ellainedeluna

#TravelTheYinniverse #FoodieYinnie #BeautifulYINNsideandout

– Ellaine