LA BELLA TAGAYTAY: A Weekend of Peace & Quiet

Few days ago, a post from The Maarte Tourist made rounds on social media because of how it portrayed La Bella Tagaytay. If you’re interested with that post too, you can find it here. And just like a lot of people, I was urged to pay the hotel a visit. Since Patrick and I were really planning a weekend getaway, I’ve decided to book us a room at La Bella right away.

🏨 Where To Book?

In booking a place to stay at La Bella. You will be given four options, one is to book a hotel room at their boutique hotel, two is to book an AirBnB room at their condo units, three is to call or email their reservations team and four is to visit the hotel for yourself and book directly with them. I’ve chosen to use Traveloka to book a hotel room, because again, Traveloka makes checking-in easy peasy. Click the links below to book your room!


  • The prices for the hotel booking is different by as much as 50% from booking an AirBnB room. Hotel rooms come with free breakfast from Organico Gourmet.
  • Bookings at the hotel and at the AirBnB room gives guests free access to the swimming pools and to the cafes and restaurants.
  • There is a jacuzzi at the roof deck. Guests booked at a two bed-room suite or family suite can use it for free while guests booked at a studio deluxe hotel room or the AirBnB room can use it for a fee of PHP 1000.

🚌 How To Get There from Laguna?

  • From Santa Cruz, Laguna, we took the bus bound to Manila (LRT Taft or Cubao) and alighted at SM Calamba.
  • From SM Calamba, on the terminal facing Starbucks, we took the van to Tagaytay – Olivarez.
  • From Olivarez, we took the jeepney bound to Alfonso and ask the driver to drop us off at “Radar Taas” and from there, we took a tricycle going to La Bella Compound.

🚌 How To Get There from Manila?

  • If you’re coming from Manila, take any bus going to Nasugbu or Alfonso.
  • Ask the conductor to drop you off at “Radar Taas” and ride a tricycle going to the La Bella Compound.


To be honest, I fell in love with the facade of the hotel and residences. It felt like I was not in the Philippines because of the cool weather, na kahit na parang impyerno na ang init sa Manila at Laguna, si Tagaytay yung friend mong always “chill”. Also, there were pine trees everywhere and you could literally hear chirping birds when you’re outside your hotel room. It’s far from the town proper and the high way, so it’s really super quiet. Perfect for reflecting about your choices in life. LOL! Ahhh, define peace and quiet. La Bella is considered as one of Tagaytay’s Little Santorini and surely, that is true. The white washed walls of the cafes, residences and hotels made it look like Santorini. There are a lot of things to love about La Bella, and below are my personal favorites.


If there’s one thing I super loved about La Bella, that is their bath essentials that came with booking the hotel room. They provided organic soap and shampoo which were really great smelling and really very relaxing, given that their scents were made of organic essential herbs and plants like lavender, peppermint, bamboo and banana. I wish I know where to purchase these babies.


Also, I am a fan of hotel grade bed wherever I stay and La Bella didn’t disappoint. Their sheets were clean and comfy. I slept on the floor because the bed couldn’t fit three people so what we did was used the comforter as my bed and still, I had a great sleep.


That’s how comfy the provided beddings were. Again, the hotel was quiet and peaceful and I really had an amazing weekend of rest and relaxation here.


Their pool was cold and it was perfect for beating the summer heat.


It didn’t smell so much of chlorine and the waters felt like it came fresh from a cold spring.


If you’re in here for the ‘gram, you will definitely love the place because every turn is Instagrammable.

Their hotel staff were amazing, too.

I would give La Bella a 5 out of 5 rating if only it met my expectations but unfortunately, it fell short of what I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my stay with La Bella, most specially that I am with my boyfriend and one of my bestfriends, and I’m sure they enjoyed, too but there are things I should point out, mostly about Organico Gourmet:

  • I am not sure if this is a selling point for them, disconnect to connect,  there are no wi-fi available at our room (Room 213). For me, it’s both a plus and minus. Who cannot live without Internet now?
  • The food served during breakfast were amazing, okay? And they weren’t too costly either if you buy it in ala carte. BUUUUUT there was a FLY on my bestfriend’s food during breakfast at Organico Gourmet. We told the restaurant staff about it and he said that it was because their kitchen is far from the dining area and the dining area is an open space. But sorry, I just won’t take that reason. The fly seemed to be “cooked” to me. Hindi siya mukhang kakadapo lang sa pagkain. We were disgusted. They did replace the meal though, and because we were starving, my bestfriend had to “trust” their dish anyway.
  • Patrick asked for salt, pepper, ketchup and hot sauce. I am not sure how far the kitchen is from the dining area but these condiments arrived after 15-20 minutes with two sets of follow-ups.


La Bella is also home to Bodhi Mind & Body Shop, according to an article from When in Manila, the word Bodhi is derived from the name of a tree, Bodhi Tree where Gautama Siddharta, now known as Buddha, had his “enlightenment”. This important value in life is the essence of Bodhi Shop, the newest shop for the mind and body in Tagaytay. The bookshop is located on the second floor along with some artworks painted by different artists.


El Cocinero is also found in La Bella but for me, the food is too expensive and is not really worth spending on because you know, Tagaytay is home to a lot of delicious dishes so might as well explore a gastronomic adventure outside the hotel. However, a lot of reviews stated that El Cocinero serves amazing dishes, too. So if you’re not really tight on budget, devour!

This is an honest, “based-on-my-experience” review of La Bella Tagaytay. Don’t get me wrong, okay? I really had a peace-filled weekend. And I only said what’s needed said so yeaah, if you’re looking for a quiet place to spend a night, or a place to help you with your ‘gram, you should definitely check La Bella Tagaytay.


My FB Page has more photos, should you wish to check ’em out, do visit Hello Beautiful Soul.


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