LUB’D: More Than A Place To Stay

The first time I saw Lub’d Makati was when we were walking to the gym from the office. I thought it was one of those short-time motels in Makati Avenue again but was having second thoughts about that fact because the facade of the building was far from what the usual motels look like and true enough, it wasn’t just one of those motels again.


Last night, we accidentally needed a place to stay as there was power interruption in our house. I instantaneously thought of Lub’d. Even before last night, I’ve been telling Patrick that we should sometime try having a staycation in Lub’d Makati. I’ve been reading a lot of great stuff about the place and I’m happy that it did not disappoint.

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So, our stay, though short, was cozy and comfy. Their beds are not as soft as I would love it to be but their pillows are definitely hotel-grade. Given their price, Lub’d is already a great catch if you’re eyeing on a staycation anytime, soon.


Also, situated in Makati Avenue, Lub’d is neighbors to malls and bars and bistros. Everything you may need is easily accessible.


Not to mention, their room interiors are simple, minimalist but very IG-worthy! Their lobby is a place for people to mingle with other guests, as written on their elevator, you come in as guests and leave as friends. They also have daily activities for their tenants, and free food sometimes.


Garage co-working space is also located at the second floor. If you’re a workaholic seeking refuge from the usual office work, you will surely love Lub’d.

I’d bring my friends over, soon. Our short was quick but surely, I had a wonderful sleep!

Price per night for private room for two: Php 1,800 
More details about them here.


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