OPPA CHICKEN: Cure to a ~bad~ Day

Patrick was having “one of those days” yesterday. When I say “one of those days”, I meant his anxiety was making him feel like life sucks and there’s nothing good about his day. I knew exactly how to turn that around, so I decided to check out restaurants that offer the best tasting chicken in the Metro. Zomato actually keeps on recommending Jollibee and there’s no way we’re eating Chickenjoy for dinner. So we decided to go to Circuit Makati instead, and get some Bingsu from Snow Panda. Luckily, Oppa Chicken was already open and it did not disappoint.


So, we grab a bite at the newly-opened restaurant. I was nervous, it was our first time eating there, and Patrick was feeling bad. If the food was bad, he’ll get more furious about the day, but nope. Oppa Chicken turned his mood around with their Bulzaso Chicken. He really enjoyed the dish!


Chicken Bulzaso is concocted with chunks of chicken breasts, rice cakes and fries coated in this extremely spicy Bulzaso sauce. I tried it buuuuuut I can’t stand the spiciness so I settled for my BBQ ribs even if I wanted to devour into that dish.


While he enjoys his chicken, I feasted on a Barbeque Rib Plate. It was delicious but I find the meat dry. I like my BBQ Ribs oozing with sauce but this one isn’t, and while the meat is tender and really easy to chew, it would have been better if it came with extra barbeque sauce, perhaps?


Their macaroni soup and red iced tea were also amazing. Definitely placing Oppa Chicken in my list of Korean go-to restaurants.

5 of 5, Oppa!


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