AirAsia: Reason Why I’m Never Flying With AirAsia Ever

It’s that time of the year again. Seat sales here, there and everywhere because summer is fast approaching and there is nothing better to do on scorching hot summer days than enjoy the crystal clear waters of Boracay, experience adrenaline rush by canyoneering in Kawasan Falls Cebu or simply enjoy the wonders of Palawan. There are two big seat sales coming up this week, one, I think is already on going and alluring people of its advertised rate of as low as 17 PHP base fare. Yes, I am talking about AirAsia and this is my experience.


I actually fly a lot with the yellow and blue, and one time with the flag carrier. I feel like it’s just fair to compare my experience with the blue and yellow to AirAsia. They have almost the same flight rates (and guess what, AirAsia sometimes is higher than the other). As for the flag carrier, of course, there’s no comparison, they are different from AirAsia anyways.

I am not saying that this happens all the time, but maybe, I am not the only person who made a list of reasons why I will NEVER fly with AirAsia ever again, after my first (and definitely the last) time doing so. I flew from Manila to Kalibo and vice versa with my family (17 passengers to be exact) last December 11-14, 2018.

So, what is it about AirAsia that made me swear over my empty wallet to never ride the airline again? Here are MY reasons why.

1. They feel that it is OKAY to REBOOK your flight LAST MINUTE. 
I booked our flights maybe two to three months before our scheduled trip and guess what? On the same date of our travel, I received an email saying that our 5:45 PM flight is delayed to 9:00 PM. I did not accept their change, as it will be a big adjustment in our itinerary. I understand that this is beyond their control, but I would have appreciated if they informed me maybe 24 hours ahead of our schedule, not 12 or 10 or 5. They tried offering and earlier flight but hello, 17 people cannot adjust to that right away, and most of us are from Laguna, that’s 4-5 hours from NAIA 3. Hindi na aabot sa check-in!

2. Their flights are NEVER ON TIME. 
So since the adjustment is not acceptable, I called their hotline and after more than 30 minutes of waiting, my call was accommodated. They told me that we will be rebooked to their 3:00 PM flight BUT it will be delayed for 2 hours. So yeah, we actually had a 5:00 PM flight still. Ang nakakainis lang kasi, rebooked na nga delayed pa rin. Seryoso ba? 

3. They have BAD airplanes that has BAD airconditioning units!
After waiting for more than 2 hours, around 5:45 PM, we boarded the plane. It was too crowded, and their aisles are too cramped. I could actually feel claustrophobic in their plane. But hey, I got what I paid for so, okay. I understand that their airplanes are budget planes, but one more thing that really annoyed me was their airconditioning units. Bes, mas comfortable pa yata ang ordinary bus kesa sa eroplano ng AirAsia e. 

4. Their processing fees are SKY HIGH. 
It was my first time booking with AirAsia. The price declared on their website was 1,320 PHP per way, so that’s cheap. And since it was my first time, I was shookt when I saw their processing fee! Bakit naman sa ibang airlines, kung anong nakadeclare sa website, yun na ang babayaran mo? Okay lang sana kung maliit lang pero OA naman ata ang processing fee ng AirAsia, hindi naman worth it sa service nila. At dahil tatlong booking ang ginawa ko, tatlong processing fee yon! 

AirAsia 1

5. They cheat their passengers. Actually, SENIOR CITIZEN passengers. 
So this is what really pissed me off. I told myself, pwede na pagbigyan yung eroplano, pwede narin pagbigyan yung call center at pag rebook nila samin 10 hours before the flight, pero yung lokohin nila sa baggage counter yung lolo at lola ko? Hindi makatarungan.  They told my grandparents that one passenger’s baggage was overweight, so we asked if they can just use up the other’s baggage count and guess what? Hindi pwede kasi separate entity sila. That’s bullshit.

Yes, I understand that I can’t ask much from AirAsia because they are a budget airline but BUDGET doesn’t mean BULLSHIT, okay?

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t fly with AirAsia too, and the decision is still yours. I am only sharing my experience, because I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did.

As you #TravelTheYinniverse , I hope that the smooth and enjoyable journey starts from booking your flights to airlines that actually care about you, and not just what they can GET from you.

I tried getting several reviews from Facebook about AirAsia, too. Para naman ma feel kong hindi ako nag-iisa. HAHAHA!

AirAsia 2

Airasia 3

Ikaw, anong kwentong #ErrAksaya mo? 


3 thoughts on “AirAsia: Reason Why I’m Never Flying With AirAsia Ever

  1. Aww so sorry for your experience. Also wondering bat ganun kataas yung processing fee? Re: delayed flights, that isn’t exclusive to AirAsia unfortunately… Congested talaga ang NAIA so maraming nadedelay na flights. Once pa lang yata ako nakasakay na on time umalis yung plane. Also with the baggage, ganun talaga. Per person ang weighing. Marami ring nagrereklamo kasi pinagbabayad sila ng extra, tho yung baggage rules naman nasa website na nila (7kgs per person iirc, max 2 bags). Ang option talaga is to either pay the fee or take out items sa bag para sumakto lang sa limit. Hindi kasi consistent mag-implement ang airlines nito kaya may mga nagrereklamo na bakit ganito ganyan.

    1. Sky high talaga processing fee nila. -_- And with the baggage, okay lang naman, kaso yung samin kasi pinagsama nung crew sa line namin. Sa Senior lane, separate entity na. LOL! haha

      Well, for delayed flights, gets ko na siya pero hindi ganito katagal yung delayed flights ko with the blue and yellow, or the flag carrier.

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