Cleopatra’s Secret Skin Care: A Secret I Needed To Share

There are a lot of skin care products in the market today that claim to whiten, lighten, soften, smooths, clears and beautifies your skin, as if it isn’t already beautiful on its own. And while I am a huge advocate of loving the skin you’re in, I have also come to accept the fact that I also have to take good care of my skin, and maybe, start a skin care routine that would suffice my need. However, I haven’t really found the best products in the market to help me sustain my skin care rituals. Why? It’s either the product is not working for me or it’s just tiring to re-do the rituals everyday. But that is not until I came to know Cleopatra’s Secret Skin Care.


What I am currently using is their 100% Moor Mud Mask and Pore Minimizing Clay. I actually was planning to buy that Aztec Indian Healing Clay from Healthy Options on the same day I bought Cleopatra’s Secret and I have no regrets on choosing the latter. You may say that’s it’s too early to write this appreciation post for the product but believe me, on the first use, I’ve seen visible results, which by the way, not all skin care product can give you.

Photos from Cleopatra’s Secret Skin Care Facebook Page

FYI, according to, Moor Mud is “an organic substance, the product of natural decomposition of multitudes of plants under special conditions. Unlike other mud used in the spa industry, Moor Mud contains virtually no clay (less than 3%) and consists of organic residue of herbs, flowers and grasses. Over period of thousands of years this residue was transformed into a fine paste that easily dissolves in the water.” It can actually preserve your skin’s youthful glow. It promotes blood circulation and can reduce tissue inflammation, too. Aside from that, Moor Mud helps the immune system and ushers muscular relaxation which relieves pain. If you’re also trying to look a little skinnier, Moor Mud breaks down fat cells, too!


Cleopatra’s Secret Skin Care is a local brand. Their items are all FDA approved. Just like other skin care items, those offered by Cleopatra’s Secret Skin Care has their own pros and cons. Below are my two cents.


1. They use all-natural ingredients. As in 0% chemicals. 
I have tried a lot of face masks, skin toners and cleansers that feel like they’re burning my skin. I’ve tried rejuvenating sets, lotions and all those stuff you see from dermatology clinics, and I started growing tired of using them after 4-5 uses. They say, stings on the skin means that the product is working but that’s not the case for Cleopatra’s. They do not use any chemicals in their products, so hindi mahapdi sa mukha, at hindi masakit sa ilong ang amoy. Now, I have accepted the reality that using “chemicals” on my face is more gross than using just soap and water to clean it. So I’ve switched to this all-natural product.

2. They don’t smell like clay or mud. They smell like mint.
I’ve read a review about an “effective” mask, which states that it smells like mud and I can only imagine how bad the smell is. With Cleopatra’s, their product smells like mint with a hint of earthy tones.

3. They have a cool soothing effect on the skin.
Unlike those greasy, sticky face masks I’ve used, Cleopatra’s dry up quickly, and as they nourish my face, I get a cool soothing sensation on my skin. It’s perfect for the tropical weather that we have here, sobrang lamig nya sa mukha. 

4. You can really see visible results in one use. 
Hindi ako OA, promise. This is not me overreacting, but the product really doing what it is meant to do. I did get a glowing, soft skin after one use. I am a heavy make-up user, so using Cleopatra’s is like allowing my skin to breathe. Yesterday, Patrick and I went out for a movie and I didn’t use any foundation or powder after using the mask before taking a bath. It’s amazing. I don’t have to use too much make up to control oil on my face and make it glow. Kilay at lipstick lang sapat na. 

5. They combine 8-9 different clays and muds and herbs and flowers and fruits and anything organic to make the gentlest skin care product for you.
This is where the seller got me. I told her I wanted to buy the Aztec Indian Healing Clay and she told me that while it is really great, it maybe too strong for my skin because it’s 100%  calcium bentonite clay mixed with water or apple cider vinegar (yes, girl, vinegar, gano kahapdi kaya sa balat yon?). With Cleopatra’s, they use several clays and muds to devise a product that is gentle yet powerful on the skin.


1. They do not have a physical shop yet, so all transactions are done online, or thru bazaars. 
Yepp, no physical shop yet, but they’re almost always present in bazaars and one more thing I love about them? They are very responsive on social media so it’ll be easy for you to contact them.

2. They maybe a bit more expensive than your usual masks and clay. 
The Aztec Indian Healing Clay is priced at PHP 540 for a tub, while the Moor Mud I am using is priced at 400 PHP for a small jar, but it can last up to 1 month of use, I think. I’ve estimated that. LOL! And their clay packs are priced at 150 PHP per pack, which maybe good for 5-6 uses. It’s expensive yes, but it’s really really worth it.


And for those asking what my skin care routine is, honestly, tamad akong babae at minsan natutulog ako ng may make-up (yuck! ewwww!). Pero pag sinisipag naman ako, here’s what I do:

1. After a long day at work wearing heavy make-up, I would rinse my face with Kojie San Soap and water.
2. I’d paint Cleopatra’s Moor Mud on my dry face and wait for it to dry.
3. Sometimes, I’d use Garnier’s Micellar Water to rinse the mud off, but water is also good.
4. I have stopped using toners with chemicals. Actually, I have completely stopped using toners, if that helps. 😉

Me Before the Mask VS. Me After The Mask

I will bet my life on Cleopatra’s Secret Skin Care. If you’re looking for a skin care product that works, you can visit their Facebook page here. And while you’re there, read their reviews too! You’ll never know unless you try, di ba?


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