The Dessert Museum: A Sweet Escape

I’ve been dying to visit The Dessert Museum since it opened its doors to the public last February 10, 2018. The Dessert Museum is located in S’Maison Mall, at the Mall of Asia Complex just right under Conrad Manila.

And today, I had my fill of sugar rush, finally, I’ve landed in Manila’s top trending place to visit right now. The question, however is, was it worth the hype?

28056841_2055459664702467_6541709911509101540_nFor me though, the experience as a whole was fun and that’s it. If you’re all about your Gram, and fun photos, then you’ll surely love The Dessert Museum. That’s it. I can’t say that the Museum was even informative because honestly, who’d listen to the “tour guides” about each sweet treat? People would go straight to posing once they enter a room. It’s not a place you’d like to go back to. The tickets are priced at 799 for walk-in clients and 699 for online patrons. For me, that’s quite a bit pricey for what the place had to offer. Apart from cute photos and the experience itself, nothing is special about The Dessert  Museum.

You’d be given sweet treats as you tour their themed rooms, but don’t expect much. I personally would bet on their fresh fruit ice cream in the Ice Cream room, second to that are the Macarons at the Candy Cane room. These are the only two sweets that stood out to me.

27867423_2055459618035805_6601108077838104624_nTheir cake pops, we’re great. However, still not as great as my favorite cake pops from O-Sweets (and while we’re talking about sweets, get your cake cravings satisfied through this cake-kery!) but at least they passed my standards of an awesome cake pop.

I loved the photos we took, and the experience I have experienced but if you ask me if I’ll come back anytime soon, the answer would probably be no. One visit is enough, I think. Second would probably give me diabetes. LOL

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