You’re Not My Valentine

I literally had to listen to love songs before I could even write a serious love note for you, and yes, I intended that day to be today because the world is celebrating love on Valentines’ Day. But no, you aren’t my Valentine. I don’t want you to be just that.

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For the past seven years, you’ve been so much of the reasons why I am always irate. You are not my 1 Corinthians 13 love, definitely, and I am not your 1 Corinthians 13 love either. Most of the times, we are impatient and unkind. There are  a lot of things we envy. And sometimes, we boast.  We both do things that may unintentionally dishonor others, and do things for our own selves.

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We are always easily angered, and we have a long list of the faults and mistakes we see in each other. We lie, sometimes. We doubt. Our love for each other fails us a lot, but His love for us does not, and that is why, we’re here, still. Together.


Would it be cheesy to say, that I love you? When was the last time I told you that and mean it? I can’t remember, but I do. I do love you. Namnamin mo yan, at alam mo namang hindi ko laging sinasabi sayo yan. 


You are not my Valentine because I don’t want you to be just that. I don’t want to only go out on a date with you because it’s V-Day. I don’t want chocolates only because it’s V-day. I don’t want flowers only because it’s V-Day. I’d rather have nothing today, but still have you tomorrow and on the days to come. 

Thank you, Bubb. For everything, everyday.
For still hugging me even when I push you away.
For still loving me even when I push you away.


Thank you for the little things and the big surprises.
Thank you for the patience and the impatience, too.
Thank you for fighting anxiety and depression for me, and for the people who loves you.

Today is Valentines Day, but I don’t want you to be my Valentine. 
You are not my Valentine. You are more than that.
You are my everyday, and I love you.


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