When in QC: The “Bahala Na” Adventure

We were scheduled to fly to Taiwan over the weekend but because work demands more of our, or rather, MY time now, we had to rebook (but don’t worry, I spent not a single centavo because #sponsored). So to satisfy our desire to go somewhere, we decided to just stay somewhere near and just go “bahala na”. Ended up in the Quezon City area, where the famous Maginhawa Street is located. Booked last minute hotel, no clothes to pack since di pa nagpapalaundry and again, bahala na.
➡ We last-minute booked this hotel via Traveloka, our ever reliable go-to booking platform. Be it for flights or hotels, you sure can score the cheapest catch using Traveloka. Brentwood Suites is conveniently located in 6 Dr. G. Garcia S Cor. Quezon Ave, Brgy, Paligsahan, Quezon City. The published rate they have over their site for a Premiere King Room is PHP 3,600 but guess what, thank you to Traveloka, we scored it for PHP 2,000 with buffet breakfast for two. Their breakfast selection, while isn’t too much, is super super delicious! I loved their burger steak. Right across the street is Fisher Mall, use the foot bridge and it’s close by.
💫 Maginhawa Street
➡ From the hotel, Uber costs around PHP 150 to Maginhawa Street. It’s actually a bit far, but not too far. I’ve seen so much posts about those “hyped” must-visits in Maginhawa, like The Nook Cafe, Rainbow Dreams Cafe and Under the Sea and I was excited to visit them but getting there, I was only super disappointed. They are not what they look like online, or on vlogs. So we decided to just hunt restaurants on our own, and ended up trying these:
➡ This is what saved my Maginhawa gaming, as I was so disappointed about those I wanted to visit. The Wagging Tails Cafe allows its customers to play with their super cute doggies! For PHP 250, you can play with their doggos for 2 hours, and you get a free milk or iced tea. The price you pay is justifiable, given that you’re gonna play with super friendly, adorable pets!
➡ This is the first restaurant we tried on our search because, chicken. You all should know by now that Patrick likes chicken so much! There’s actually nothing special about their chicken. I have to admit that I was disappointed, but again, instances like this makes me believe that sometimes, we can just charge our mistakes to experience. A quarter order of their Peri-Peri Chicken with Tiger Fury Sauce is PHP 180. Their coleslaw tasted like mayonnaise. If you have more time to roam around, and if you’re not a fan of chicken, I would suggest you look for something else.
➡ Who cares if dessert comes first if it’s cookie dough? I loved the cookie dough sundae I bought from DOUGH! It wasn’t too sweet, and is not nakakaumay. Even their ice cream isn’t too sweet. An order costs PHP 95. It was well worth it.
➡ I am a huge fan of mozzarella sticks and I can eat them all my life! Good thing we found this stall while trying to look for food to devour. Their Mozarella Sticks cost PHP 145 and they’re super delicious (but whatever food that has cheese is delicious, right?).


➡ Gerry’s Jeepney is a unique concept. They allow their guests to eat affordable, delicious Filipino dishes in mock-up jeepneys, completing your Pinoy experience with OPM. Their Jeepney Fried Rice is a must-try! It has dilis, itlog na maalat, scrambled egg, tomatoes and whatever sauce that made it super yummy. We spent PHP 600 for two viand (Sizzling Fried Chicken Fillet, Sinigang na Baboy), one platter of Jeepney Fried Rice and two Sago’t Gulaman.
I realized that you do not need to go far to enjoy. Somewhere, wherever you are, there is always something new to try. Konting pasensya lang at tyaga, surely, maeenjoy natin kung nasan man tayo! 😉

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