Boracay Island: How It Could Heal A Broken Heart

My last trip for the year 2017 was in Aklan. I got to visit the world’s most popular beach, Boracay. I actually have been in this beautiful place when I was in first grade and now that I am older, I appreciated it more.


I was excited for December to come, but on the first day of that month, my grandfather was called Home by the Lord and there’s nothing I can do about it. Ten days after his demise, I was set to fly to Boracay while all I wanted was a plane ticket to heaven just so I could get to hug my Tatay one last time, which he did not allow me to do because I was in the office when he had a heart attack. I was broken, my heart was in pain. I did not want to push thru with my trip but I knew that Tatay would rather see me enjoying the pristine waters of the island, rather than sulking myself at home. And besides, I was with family, from my father’s side, so I decided to go.

As the plane took off, I wanted to see Tatay up in the clouds. It was also sunset when we flew to Kalibo, and it was almost the same time when I pained December 1st, a Friday, travelling from Makati to Laguna only to wait for my grandfather’s lifeless body to be delivered at home in a white metal box.


However, the sadness turned to joy and the pain turned to hope when I finally felt the fine white sand of Boracay on my feet. It’s like God reminding me that there is so much life ahead of me, and if there is one thing that my Tatay would want me to do, that is to enjoy every moment I breathe, just as he did because again, I’ll never know how long my life would be.

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Boracay was the cure to my breaking heart. I may have thought of Tatay and how he’d be happy about my pasalubongs just as much as he was with those from my previous trips, but I was okay. My god son, Jendong also made the burden so much lighter. It was his first plane ride, and he enjoyed Boracay, too. He’s such a happy ball.


I will remember Boracay as the island where Tatay reminded me how beautiful it is to live, and while I was not able to bring him and nanay here, I know that from now on, kung nasan man ako, namamasyal din ang Tatay kasama ko.


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