TEES the Season of Giving: 5 Reasons why Tees are Wonderful Christmas Gifts

According to my clock, as of this writing, it’s 36 days to Christmas and the list of the people I would want to give a present to is already pretty long. If you were to ask me, I am that type of a person who plans out what to give, because apart from budget, I also would like people to appreciate what I give them, no matter how big or small that is.

This year, I have been spared from the worries of planning because I found something that is truly worth giving! It also doesn’t burn my bucks, so it’s perfect! These tees from ThriftApparel MNL are making its way down the doors of the people I love this season.

And below are reasons why I think that tees are perfect Christmas gift for people close to your heart.

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You get to match the receiver’s personality with the design of the shirt you wish to give. It makes Christmas shopping easy peasy! If the person you’re giving the shirt to loves books or dogs or rain or whatever, you can choose a shirt with those words. Or maybe, if the person loves traveling like I do, you can choose a travel-themed shirt. Tees come in varieties of designs and colors, so it’ll be easy for you to pick the perfect fit.


You get a lot of choices. Tshirts, no matter how basic they could be, gives you more than millions of choices to choose from. It’s like not having to go to different stores for different people because a shirt shop is a one-stop shop for all of those on your Christmas list!


You give something the receiver can actually use (a lot!). I am so done with giving gifts that my loved ones would only use once or twice. That’s so not practical. If I am giving them something this year, it would definitely be something that they can use a lot, and for me, tees are the right choice!


You don’t burn holes in your pockets. Tees are relatively affordable, ranging from 280 PHP to 300 PHP each. You should also take advantage of Christmas sales like the one that ThriftApparel MNL is having, which instead of buying a shirt for PHP 300, you can buy two for PHP 500 to save a few bucks.


You can add an extra personal touch. What’s best about ThriftApparel MNL is that they customize shirts based on your design and liking. Just imagine how personal that could be. A shirt made especially for the people you love.

I strongly suggest you visit their Facebook page because they have a lot of amazing designs! Owners are also very very friendly.

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