PHP 5,189 Puerto Princesa Travel Guide

4 Days 3 Nights Puerto Princesa Itinerary – 10/24 to 10/26

Day 1Β 

✈️ Arrived at Puerto Princesa Airport around 11:45 AM.

🚘 Kuya Rammy from Rema Tourist Inn fetched us in the airport and headed straight to the hotel.

🏒 Checked-in at Rema Tourist Inn around 12:00 PM ; Booked through Traveloka with 800 PHP off our total bill.

βœ… Free time to rest and swim at the hotel until around 6:00 PM
Night 1

➑️ Dinner at Kinabuch’s Grill and Resto.


βœ… Tamilok (because your Palawan experience isn’t complete without this)

βœ… Kanin ni 04.

➑️ Back to the hotel to sleep.
Day 2 – 6:45 AM to 1:30 PM

🚣🏻 Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour

‼️ For a hassle-free tour booking, with instant confirmation and sometimes, huge promos (got this tour for only PHP 1), book your activities through Klook! Download the app or register to start scouting for super ultra-mega discounted activities up to 70% off regular retail price. The agency that hosted our Klook booking is Wild Expeditions Palawan, and they made sure we enjoyed our tour which we actually did! Thanks to Ate Dang and Kuya Jun for looking after us.

🚘 Travel time to Sabang Wharf is around 2 hours depending on weather conditions.

πŸ›₯ Boat ride from Sabang Wharf to PPUR is around 20-30 minutes, with minimum motion sickness because the sea is calm (to think, it was raining so hard the night before and the early morning of our tour).

➑️ Things to Remember:

βœ… The drive is long, as much as possible do not sit on the back part of the van. I swear it was like a roller coaster ride!

βœ… There are playful monkeys, freely swinging from tree to tree in the PPUR area, be mindful of your belongings as they might play with you!

βœ… Shit happens inside the cave. There are gazillions of bats everywhere so watch your mouth, not all droplets that drop from the cave ceiling are mineral water, it could be bat pee or worst, poo.

βœ… Your tour guides and boat men are friendly, tipping isn’t forced and not required but you actually could use a few bucks to give these people who works hard to earn, and they really deserve tips!

βœ… The locals are trying their hardest to preserve the beauty of mother nature, be mindful of your garbage, most especially, plastic bags. Throw them in proper trash bins.

🚌 You will be back at your hotel before sunset. There is an optional Ugong Rock Formation caving activity, which we would’ve loved to do, but the rain did not permit us to do so.
Night 2 – Pasalubong Center & Dinner at Nokinoc’s Savory House

βœ… We arrived at the hotel around 3:00 PM, giving us ample time to rest and prepare for our 2nd dinner night. Laxed a little, and showered for night two.

βœ… We asked the front desk to call us a tricycle, because it would cost us cheaper instead of renting out the hotel van. Tricycle fare for 4 people is flat PHP 70 anywhere in the city, if you’re planning to go somewhere, we met this extra-awesome trike driver, Kuya Arnold (number) who took us to Nokinoc’s. He actually took us first at the Pasalubong Center where we bought cashews and pastillas and souvenir pearls (cultured pearls priced around 10PHP to 150 PHP for a set of earrings, ring and necklace). Then to Ugong Rock Resto, but the food was quite heavy for a 5:30 PM dinner, so we opted to go to Nokinoc’s instead, and it did not disappoint.

➑️ Must Try?

🍝 Crispy Palabok

🍝 This palabok is so unique, you’ll actually be served crispy clear noodles (like it was deep fried) with delicious palabok sauce and topped with chicharon bits to add to its crunch! πŸ’―

🍨 Nokinoc’s Halo-Halo (95 PHP)

🍨 This halo-halo is Palawan’s version of Korean Bingsu with a touch of Filipino flavors! You’ll be served with a simple halo-halo, I think the ingredients were limited to sweet banana, sweet kamote, red mung beans, cereals, jackfruit and topped with ice cream, leche flan and pinipig. πŸ’―

βœ… After dinner, we texted Kuya Arnold that we’re done and that he could already fetch us. You see, this man did not ask us to pay him each time we ride, he only asked us to send him a message if we need a ride to go home or to go anywhere else, and pay him once we’re safe at home. However, after Nokinoc’s, we asked him to take us ANYWHERE he thinks we’ll enjoy and he took us to Baywalk.

βœ… Since we’re full, we only had Fresh Fruit Shakes at K’na Boyet.

βœ… After getting our shake fix, we again texted Kuya Arnold and told him we’re ready to go home, while Jude and Ruther asked to be dropped off a massage parlor.

βœ… Arrived at the hotel around 7:30 PM, gave Kuya Arnold 200 PHP, because he deserves it. πŸ‘ŒπŸ’™ Jude and Ruther gave him extra bucks too!
Day 3 – 6:45 AM to 1:30 PM

🌊 Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour

‼️ Complete your Puerto Princesa experience with the Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour which you can also get for a discounted price compared to the normal price if you book through Klook via this link!

➑️ Things to Remember

βœ… Aqua shoes and snorkel gears are required for you to fully enjoy your experience. If you have one, bring them or wear them. If none, there is a rental shop along the way, your van will surely stop by. Snorkel gears and a pair of aqua shoes is for rent at PHP 150 each. Aqua shoes are encouraged but not required, there are deadly stonefishes and sea urchins in the sea, as some islands are full of corals. Better safe than sorry (but I did not wear aqua shoes, because YOLO. Pano na ootd ko di ba? HAHA.)

βœ… The farthest island is Starfish Island, where you can scout for starfishes and touch them! This is the first island to visit. The boat time in calm waters is 30 minutes. The starfishes would be available for you to take a photo with, but do not get them out of the water too long, 30 seconds would be enough for you to take a photo. Or better, if you can, just don’t get them out of the water. You can snorkel here and appreciate the beauty of Puerto Princesa underwater.

βœ… Second island is Luli Island, which was named such because the island shows up, and sinks as tides changes thus, LUlubog-LIilitaw Island. In here, the sand bar is long, and is entrenched in fine yellowish white sand also perfect for snorkeling, but the highlight of the island is its sand bar.

βœ… The last and final island to visit is more appropriate for swimming. Cowrie Island was named such because from top view, the island is shaped like a cowrie shell. This is where you’ll eat your lunch and stay the longest. They also have starfishes too, and a rich diversity of marine life freely swimming with guests!

🚌 You will be back at the hotel around 2:30-ish in the afternoon. Again, it’s a great time to rest for your night plans.
Night 3 – 6:00 PM

πŸ¦€ This is our last night in Palawan and there is no other better way to cap off the trip than by having a seafood feast dinner at Puerto Princesa Baywalk.

βœ… Asked the front desk to get us a trike to PPS Baywalk, as we cannot contact Kuya Arnold. The fare is still fixed at 70 PHP. Travel time is around 10-15 minutes from our hotel.

βœ… Puerto Princesa’a Baywalk as so much like SM By The Bay in SM Mall of Asia. There are a lot of seafood restaurants that serve group meals and boodle fight dinner! According to locals, the best restaurant in the area is K’na Boyet’s but the price is quite higher than the other restaurants around, K’na Boyet’s cheapest group meal is priced at PHP 1000. Where we ate, we spent only PHP 500 for a dinner great for 4 people or more! We weren’t able to finish our food!

πŸ¦€ Where we ate? We chose PRINCESA SA BAYBAY, K’na Boyet’s sister company, but 50% cheaper! Listed below are the inclusions in our meal:

βœ… Buttered Crabs

βœ… Buttered Shrimp

βœ… Squid Adobo

βœ… Pork Barbeque

βœ… Pork Sisig

βœ… Vegetable Lumpia

βœ… Ensaladang Lato (Seaweed Salad)

βœ… Minatamis na Saging (Banana in Sugar Syrup)

βœ… A platter of Rice

🚴🏻 After dinner, we went biking around the baywalk, there are bicycles for rent at PHP 75 per hour, and we chose the one with the sidecar for the same price, because Patrick doesn’t know how to bike with two wheels. LOL

🚌 Went back home via tricycle again, at 70PHP. There are so many tricycles around!

🏒 Arrived at the hotel, took a shower and had a few bottles of beer with friends. We slept longer this night, because our flight was in the afternoon so we were able to doze off the time the following morning.
Day 4 – 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

🍝 We had breakfast at the hotel around 8:00 AM. Then fixed our things for departure to Manila. We had until 10:30 AM to fix our things and prepare ourselves, take the shower and all. Because we wanted to go back to Nokinoc’s for our lunch! That is how goooood the restaurant is.

βœ… The front desk again called us a trike to Nokinoc’s around 10:30 AM and we had lunch by then. Of course, halo-halo!

βœ… We also asked the manong driver to drop us by the pasalubong center so we could buy the famous Baker’s Hill Hopia.

βœ… Arrived back at the hotel by exactly 12:00 PM and checked out by 12:15 PM. The hotel service took us to the airport. Our driver, Kuya Rammy was really nice.
πŸ’― We boarded the plane by 1:20 PM, because the flight was delayed and arrived in Manila around 3:15 PM.
πŸ‘€ Read my experience here:


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