Putok Batok Dinner: Mazné Bistro

I am a huge fan of putok batok dishes like lechon, liempo and bagnet. While I have not set foot in Ilocos, there are times when friends and relatives would bring me authentic bagnet from the North and they make my heart happy. Luckily for me now, I don’t have to endure 10 hours of travel to get a taste of this crispy pork dish because I found this heaven in the South (kaway friends from Laguna).

So we decided to visit Mazne Bistro in Sta.Rosa. From Makati, it took us one hour to get to the place. It was relatively easy to find. I was with Jerico and Patrick.


If you’re from Manila, you can take the bus going to Balibago and ask the conductor to drop you off Waltermart Balibago. Fare is at 61 PHP. From Waltermart, just cross the road and you can already see a shabby little nook with the signage “Mazne”.

If you’re from Laguna (Calamba down), you can take a van going to Balibago and ask to be dropped off Waltermart Balibago. Cross the street, and find Mazne.

Make sure you come in “Mazne” because they have a neighbor that offers sisig too, and I’m not sure how good that sisig of the other is.

No parking space though, so you might have to park in Walter if you’re coming in with a private vehicle.

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Coming in, you will be greeted by a rustic industrial interiors of wooden tables and yellowish lights. The place is cozy, and we think it is a perfect spot for your Friday night chills with Bagnet and beers.

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The place is small. I think it can only cater to around 20-35 people. Ventilation was also good, because the aircon is chilly. Seats come in rustic metal chairs or foamed couches.

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Given a very “country” like ambiance, the food they serve are delicious in its simplicity. You see, if you’ve been to so many restaurants which serve Kare-Kare, Bagnet or Tapa, you will have this “parepareho lang naman to ng lasa” but Mazne sets the bar higher as it tastes different from the rest. What we had are Sisig Bagnetapa, Kare-kareng Bagnet, Spicy KangKong, Pacit Batil Patung, Beef Stroganoff and Bagnet Pinakbet. It was bagnet overload and I am happy!

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The Sisig Bagnetapa was a festival of flavors in your mouth. Imagine 3 different dishes all combined into one mouthwatering concoction. The crispiness of the bagnet perfectly complemented the tenderness of the beef tapa, and the very Pinoy flavor of sisig made the dish a unique tasting masterpiece.

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The Spicy Kangkong was simple. It was the simplest dish of our dinner feast. It was sauteed kangkong topped with crispy, yet tender bagnet. It wasn’t so spicy but again, the simplicity of the dish made it very delicious to taste.

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However, when it comes to the Kare-Kareng Bagnet, it was “okay lang”. I am a picky Kare-Kare eater because both of my grandmothers are wonderful cooks and they make the best Kare-Kare around. I felt like there’s something lacking about the dish, which I cannot pin point what. But it was also worth trying. But sorry Kare-Kare, spotlight’s not on you.

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The Bagnet Pakbet was also very unique as it is grilled. All the veggies were grilled before they were sauteed I guess, and it gives the dish a smoky flavor. Taste like minanok in Paete.

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The Beef Stroganoff? Man, no words. Patrick really loved how creamy and tender this dish was. And I must say, it’s my must-try dish for you who will visit Mazne soonest.

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And lastly, of course, Pancit Batil Patung from Cagayan. The flavors on the noodles were so rich and savory (and thinking about it while I am writing this makes my mouth water!!) and it has a very distinct taste. Another must-try!

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They serve beers and shakes too!

Proof that the food we had were so awesome? See our simut-sarap photo below!

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Food Rank
(1) Beef Stroganoff
(2) Pancit Batil Patung
(3) Sisig Bagnetapa
(4) Spicy Kangkong
(5) Bagnet Kare-Kare
(6) Bagnet Pakbet

Price Range : From 89 PHP set meal to 209 PHP ala carte dish.


5 stars for Mazne!
Will I recommend this to friends? YES.
Will I come back? YES.


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