Asian Cravings: AJHM Korean BBQ & Krato Ramen

Lately, we have been loving Asian cuisine to death. I even had the guts to try and cook my own Korean food which by the way, according to Patrick, was crazy awesome.

We had Korean for a few straight days last week and around 2 days back, switched to Japanese. In Santa Ana where we live, the streets are blessed with mini restaurants that offers a wide variety of food choices from giant grilled burgers to cheesy fries to Korean samgyeopsal to spicy kani salad to isaw and kwek-kwek. Name it. Just a few walks away from our house would bring us to a gastronomic adventure that won’t burn holes in our pockets.

This post is about two different restaurants, which offers two different cuisine. One is Korean and the other, Japanese. However, one is better than the other.

AJHM Korean Barbeque Grill [Click here for Menu on Facebook Page]
Unit 104 Market Plaza Suter Street, Sta. Ana
Manila, Philippines

I was never a fan of Korean Pop Culture, neither of Korean Drama but say Korean food, and I am in! This love for the sweet savory dishes from Korea stems from BonChon Chicken. This Korean inspired fast food is a “date night” staple for me and Patrick. From there, we tried out different other Korean restaurants and grew fondness for Korean dishes. Luckily for us, AJHM Korean BBQ Grill opened iys doors to public in Santa Ana.

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For as low as 150 PHP, you can already get a serving of samgyeopsal or grilled meat which you can grill yourself. Given the price you pay, the food you get gives you more than what you pay for. While the meat aren’t “premium” and may somewhat be hard to chew, it still tastes great with their Korean side dishes.

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The best food in this restaurant is their steamed egg! I have a huge love for eggs and that dish was just awesome. It was literally eggs steamed in earthenware.

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And their kimchi? Really, really, really good. It wasn’t too sour and neither too spicy. It was “tama lang” and I loved it.

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The place was however a little small, given that they have so many people coming in but the airconditioning was top! It was so chilly and comfortable even if we were seated in a small table which I think is good for two. They also play KPOP songs, which I do not understand.

AJHM gets a 5 star from me and Patrick!
Will definitely recommend it to friends, and will surely come back!

Krato Ramen [Click Here for Menu Posted on Facebook Page]
2443 Suter cor. Calderon Sts. Sta Ana
Manila, Philippines 1009

Krato Ramen is the new offering from Naughty Krato. The infamous big burger joint in Santa Ana. The burgers from naughty Krato is priced from 50PHP and above, and they also serve pasta and steak, at a reasonable price, for a reasonable taste but Naughty Krato is a different story from Krato Ramen.

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After devouring in Korean food for the rest of the week, Patrick and I decided to try Krato Ramen. I was actually hesistant at first, because there is another Japanese eatery near Krato Ramen, which we have already tried and tested, and proves to serve wonderful Japanese dishes but we decided to go for Krato Ramen since it is new.

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Sad to say, my Japanese palate wasn’t very much pleased. I have had a couple of ramen in other restaurants, big and small, so please don’t tell me that I get what I pay for, because there are bunch of PHP 70 ramen out there which I loved, but this one here didn’t make the cut. However, if you’re looking for a ramen below PHP 100 then this one would definitely suit the budget. But then again, don’t expect too much.

I had Tonkotsu ramen and believe me when I say that the ramen was so oily, because I think they put sesame oil on top of the broth and noodle. There was one piece of chasu, and I think the broth tasted bland. I had to get salt and pepper so I could actually eat my food because if I did not, Patrick surely would have gotten mad. He knew I wasn’t happy with the food after we ate. He knows me that well.

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As for Patrick, he ordered Chicken Teriyaki which he said was “sulit” because the serving was big and it was also priced under PHP 100. I tasted it but then again, nope. It was sweet to me, something is overpowering in that dish and I cannot pin point what it is.

The place was quite small and hot as it is open. There were vacant seats when we came but I cannot imagine how it would look like if it were filled with people.

Going back? No.
Recommending to friends? Uhm. Maybe, if they are on a budget.
I’ll give Krato Ramen 3 stars for trying. 


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