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Okay, so I have been very busy these past few weeks and I am very happy to announce to everyone that I have opened an online shop, co-owned with my cousin just around three weeks back and we’re pretty much doing well. That is also the very same reason why I have not blogged a lot and yes, I am struggling to find “blog-worthy” features but at least now I am here, and this blog is not just like any other blog feature I have. This is one that made me find time to blog again because it’s just so blog-fucking-worthy! And nah-ah, this is not a paid ad.

So we opened Thriftees Thrift Shop a few weeks ago, and gladly, it was well-received by people who are trying to make tipid, but still would want pretty additions to their wardrobe without breaking their wallets. One of our first few customers was a college colleague who happens to now reside in Sampaloc, Manila. Last week, I had her orders sent to a courier shop whose name I won’t bother dropping, that was a Thursday and we availed of their “express” delivery, however, comes Monday, the parcel was returned to the originating branch only because the delivery people CANNOT FIND the address. It was our first time shipping our items, so imagine our horror!

Good thing, our customer is someone I know, and I just told her I’ll have her parcel shipped via GrabExpress earlier today. I started looking for a delivery personnel through their app by 7:30 AM and even as I reached my office by 8:00 AM, I still cannot book a GrabExpress from Makati to Sampaloc. The app kept showing “Fare Has Changed” alert but if you check it, the fare does not change. So I tried researching online for same day delivery courier and I found Lalamove. Desperate for help, I quickly downloaded the app, thinking to myself that if this is not legit, I won’t care anymore, I just need someone to deliver the items today. At around 8:45 AM, I was assigned to Kuya Marvin Luardo Pancho and the app said he’ll arrive by 9:20. To my surprise, wala pang 9:20 eh na’dyan na agad si Kuya! Spell FAST and EFFICIENT. Bonus pa nyan, I used the PROMO CODE “LALAFAST” for a hundred peso off my shipping fee, and boy, I was only charged 16PHP for my delivery. And since I will only pay 16PHP, I added a priority fee of 20PHP and that makes my total shipping expense for this transaction just 36 PHP. Not even GrabExpress Lite would give me that rate.

lalamove delivery lalamove

You know what’s best about Lalamove? Kuya Marvin called me around 10:15 AM to say that our customer isn’t present to receive the parcel, so I instructed him to just leave it with the caretaker. You see, 9:20-is AM to 10:15-ish is fast! Lalamove lives up to their tagline which is “WE DELIVER FASTER”. Indeed, for me, right now, Lalamove is the best delivery courier in Manila because one, no hassle shipping, all you have to do is to book via their app (or their hotline) and two, very very very affordable! Also, our Kuya Delivery man was very accommodating. I strongly suggest Lalamove for those who need a delivery service in the Metro.


From now on, we will be using Lalamove as our official courier for same day deliveries, and again, let me repeat that as far as Thriftees Thrift Shop and I am is concerned, Lalamove is by far the best delivery courier right now. I am hoping that they would continue being great in what they do.


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