Here’s Why I’m Never Using Regular Sunnies Again

Hello everyone. It’s been a while, and I know, this blog is already getting boring because I don’t update that much but I promise, after this post, there will be 2 new entries still. So yeah, for this first new thingy, I would love to share with everyone something I learned very recently and I have experienced first hand. Because of that, I’m never buying regular sunnies ever again.

I am not a huge fan of sunglasses because as you all know, my eyes are fucked up and I can’t see without my eyewear. This is also the very same reason why I don’t usually use sunglasses and that’s really sad, because even when it’s hot and I am at the beach, I can’t trade my eyewear for sunnies because I will definitely go blind and get traumatizing headaches.

However, just recently during my trip to Cebu, of course I needed to make awra with sunglasses so I bought a pair (actually, 3 pairs, one for me and one for my best frenemy and one for boyfie) of polarized sunglasses.

Again, I am no expert with sunglasses but these polarized sunglasses changed the way I see things, literally and figuratively. Polarized sunglasses are so awesome, even without my eyeglasses, they don’t hurt my eyes. I still can’t see clearly because my eye grade sucks but by having experienced using polarized sunglasses first hand, I saw the difference that polarized sunglasses make.

Cebu 15
Squad wearing polarized sunglasses from Sorrento+ Polarized Sunwear in Sumilon Island, Cebu (Leslie’s and Mine – Sorrento+ Spear, 1799 PHP / Patrick’s – Sorrento+ Voyager, 1999 PHP)

To start with, let me share with you what polarized sunglasses are. According to, polarized sunglasses contain a special lens that blocks intense reflected light causing glare reduction. Glares are the primary cause of eye-strain and headache when we are under brightly-lit environment like during sunny days. The site also states that polarized sunglasses improve comfort and visibility and really, I have experienced such!

And below are 3 reasons why I’m never using regular sunnies ever again and why I swear to the gods and goddesses of vision, I will forever use polarized sunglasses from now on.

1. I get fewer headaches even without my eyewear on whenever I use polarized sunglasses.– My eyes are very sensitive to bright lights and very often too, regular sunnies which I bought from the malls only dim my environment. I think that makes my eyes more tired because I can’t see clearly since it’s dark. Therefore, I am also a suki of headaches, and when I say headaches, I mean bad bad bad bad headaches. However, with my use of polarized sunglasses, I did not experience getting headaches even when I wore them for long. The polarized sunglasses didn’t make my environment darker but still, the bright lights doesn’t seem to affect me at all. It even made my vision a little clearer. I swear, regular sunnies shows me no details of my environment, like all I can see is a black and white environment that’s blurred but my polarized sunglasses showed me vivid colors, with of course “blurred” details (but at least there are details) because again, my eye grade is really fucked. Basta, ibang-iba yung polarized sa regular na sunglass lang.

2. I believe that polarized sunglasses are smart investments. 
– I say smart investment because buying a regular sunnies priced at 299 or 399 or 499 will only cause me to spend more in the future if my vision is already completely ruined (but oh god no, please!). If you already have vision problems, I dare say that you stop using regular sunnies and switch to polarized sunglasses. Hindi lang kasi worth it yung 499 pesos na sunnies kung style lang yung habol mo. Baka mabulag ka in the future, di ‘ba? One more thing, investing on a pair of polarized sunglasses is nothing like investing on a pair of regular sunnies which you would definitely need to replace very quickly because the lenses are cheap and the frames are cheap. Unlike if you spend a few thousands (2500 is a good price for polarized sunglasses, some even go as high as 11,000 pero bakit ako magsspend ng ganun ka huge if may same quality polarized sunglass naman that’s cheaper di ba?) for a quality pair of polarized sunglasses, you’re assured that you can use them longer so less gastos, more awra. LOL.

3. I wouldn’t compromise protecting my vision just to be stylish because polarized sunglasses comes in many different designs and colors I get to choose from.
– I used to love regular sunnies I find in the mall because they’re yellow, or pink or orange or green. Maybe this is also the reason why my vision is so poor na, because I have taken it for granted. I swear, one of my biggest regret in life is not taking care of my eyes properly. If I could only bring back my 20/20 vision without having to go laser surgery, I would but there’s no way I can do that now. So instead of being stylish lang, I have learned and is continually learning to atleast take good care of my vision right now. I am still thankful I am not yet blind. And because I don’t wanna be blind someday soon, I would stop using regular sunglasses and switch to polarized sunglasses already. There are a lot of designs and brands rin naman out there, but I do have a personal favorite. It may be a tad too late to do this, but atleast di ba? Maisasalba ko pa tong malabo kong mata. 

I’m so in love with these green polarized sunglasses right now. (Sorrento+ Pilot, 1899 PHP)

If you’re reading this and you still have good eyesight, 20/20 vision perhaps, please take good care of your vision because somebody out here will kill to have her 20/20 vision back. I can’t even describe how hard it is to see things in blur. Take care of your vision and use products that would do you good. Not just products that would make you look stylish or something, tapos bubulagin ka lang in the future.

If you’re reading this and you are just like me, whose vision you wish is still 20/20 but isn’t anymore, it’s never too late to start taking care of what we still have and might lose in the future if we do not take good care of it.



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