Buxom Freezes Over: Cool Kisses

I controlled myself not to buy lipsticks after payday because I knew that Dad would send me a package of lippies. I resisted the urge to get myself a few or a piece even if I badly wanted to. I had to be patient and so I waited for the box of lippies to arrive, and when it did, I was simply more than satisfied and happy.

Close up of the mini lippies.

What my father (who bought this in the US) got me was this Buxom Freezes Over set. It comes in 15 varieties of mini lip products from three lip collections of Buxom. It included what is claimed to be Buxom’s Bestsellers, full-on lip polishes and creams, plus those Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipsticks.

The Packaging 

blog 2
The front of the box where the mini lippies are displayed.

The set comes in an octagon-shaped shimmer box that was too big to fit my already large bag. They were arranged like snowflake or something. It was cute and neat to look at. The lippies were packed in small tubes with round-headed applicator that is easy to swipe on the lips and are soft. However, these applicators are quite short (because they are minis) and is kind of difficult to use on the lip edges.

blog 3
The back of the box where the shades are written.

The Lip Collection 

blog 6
Top Left – Centerfold ; Middle Left – Dolly ; Bottom Left – Sangria ; Middle – Sugar ; Top Right – Lover ; Bottom Right – Jane

That photo above is a photo of my mixed favorites. These were the ones that appealed to me the most because first, I love the color they are in and second, they fit my skin tone best.

blog 5
Buxom Freezes Over Lip Collection

The full-on lip polishes and lip-creams give an icy sensation when applied to the lips, and when I say icy, they were cold af, even after wiping them off with tissue paper.  The liquid lipsticks however does not have the same cooling sensation. They also make the lips look plump. They smell nice and sweet but doesn’t come with a pleasant taste. It doesn’t taste bad either, it’s just that there are other lippies that come sweet but these doesn’t. Everything is light on the lips and doesn’t look dry even after applying. This is true for all ’em 15. Even the liquid lipsticks won’t look chapped and dry even after long wear. I like how easy they are to apply and how their colors aren’t pale but aren’t very pigmented either.

The Swatches 

Here are swatches of the 15 mini lippies which I did on my hand.

blog swatch 3
Lip Polishes
blog swatch 2
Full-On Lip Creams
blog swatch 1
Wildy Whipped Lipsticks


The Value 

Of course my dad won’t tell me how much he paid for this set but you can get them over Sephora for $74.00. The set comes with mini versions of the full sized version comes with a $21.00 price point each. Other reviews claim that this specific set of Buxom lippies will save you around $81.00 because the total value of the set is $140.00 and don’t ask me about the math behind it. I don’t care. HAHA

My Thoughts 

BeFunky Collage
Top Left – White Russian ; Top Middle – Dominatrix ; Top Right – Sugar ; Bottom Left – Centerfold ; Bottom Center – Jane ; Bottom Right – Sangria

There are colors I loved and colors which I don’t think would suit me well. However, I like exploring options so I know for a fact that I will be trying out all the shades soon. I love how lightweight everything is and how easy they are on the lips, so yea, two thumbs up for Buxom’s Freezes Over Lip Collection.




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