Beauty UK & Tony Moly: Brows, Lips and Cheeks

I recently added some few bitches in my make-up pouch. My best frenemy arrived home after being a slave in Singapore for 6 months (Hello, Leslie! Love you. HAHA) and I asked her to get me Beauty UK cosmetics because I fell in love with my first Beauty UK Lips Matter Velvet Matte Lipcream.

And as usual, when we saw each other a few days after she arrived, we did what we do best and that is to spend our money on unimportant things like lipsticks and eyebrow shaving (because kilay is life) and brow powders. At least I have a lame excuse for buying that brow cake because I need content for my blog. LOL.

So anyways, here’s my two cents about Tony Moly’s Easy Touch Brow Cake and Beauty UK’s Sweet Cheeks Cream Blusher and Velvet Matte Lip Cream in That’ll Peach You Shade.

Tony Moly’s Easy Touch Brow Cake, PHP 399

I only bought this product because another friend, Joane my loves is #kilaygoals and she told us that she’s using this product. And because her kilay is so pretty and we want the same brows like hers, I decided to give this product a try.

This is Joane and her kilay. Di ba? Super pak ganern!
And here’s me wearing those Tony Moly brows!

I guess this product is best for people with dark brow hair like mine. It’s easy to blend and is also relatively easy to just rub out if you kind of mess up while doing your brows.


The packaging is nice and tight. However, the brush that comes with the brow cake is somewhat cheap (or so to me). I have the gray brown palette. It’s really really nice, I promise. I recommend it for girls who’s grooming their eyebrows for the first time. It lasts quite long but I do retouch during lunch.

Lips Matter Velvet Matte Lip Cream in That’ll Peach You, SGD 14.90

Okay, as I’ve said, I already fell in love with my first Beauty UK Velvet Matte Lip Cream also from Singapore so I asked for this one again and yes, it did not disappoint! I could consider this lip cream shade as a dupe for NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Athens. Beauty UK’s That’ll Peach You Lip Cream smells awesome and it feels so soft on the lips, like it’s barely even there. The color is pigmented and if you’re a fan of highly colored lips that really can catch attention, I recommend this product for you.

Beauty UK Sweet Cheeks Cream Stick Blusher in Strawberry Jam, SGD 6.90

Instant radiance? That is what this cream stick blusher has to offer. I also like this product because it is easy to apply and blend. It comes like a chubby lipstick with a twistable bottom. I am not sure how long this product will last, but it seems like it’ll do me service longer than 5-6 months. I seldom use blushers, so let’s see. I also like how it doesn’t look fake when applied on my cheeks. It’s light and really very pretty.

So here’s me, wearing those three products. 

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