8th PIPC: Painting the Night Sky with Lights and Sounds


I am a big fan of fireworks. It doesn’t matter where I see them, or how they look like, there is always something about fireworks that is simply enchanting. And to tell you, this is my first time watching the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. Funny, huh? It’s the 8th PIPC, however, it’s my first.

Tickets were sold in different prices. We opted to go for Gold, which was priced at 300 PHP each, but around the Mall of Asia, you will find small pop up booths that sell Sunsilk products at 96 PHP. All you need to do is buy 1 Sunsilk Product + 1 other product priced at 96 PHP too and you’ll automatically be entitled to one Gold ticket. So that is just 192 PHP. You have 2 items and a gold ticket to the PIPC. Win-win, huh?


Tickets say that the show starts at 7:30 PM but it didn’t. I was already impatient because the band playing before the show started was so not good. At around 7:40 PM, finally, I am about to witness my first Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. March 4’s competitors were Canada and Germany. Canada goes first. There were 2 sets for Canada. We waited for Germany but there’s no show from Germany and I don’t know why.

I may have experienced watching some other pyromusicals but this one is different. The fireworks painted the night sky with wonderful colors and everything felt magical. It seems to me as if the fireworks got lives of their own. It felt as if they were alive, trying to mesmerize us with their charm and beauty.


The first show was good, but the second one was better because of maybe, in my opinion, music choices. However, there I was, standing in awe during both shows. I would love to watch the next show again!





I promise I’d do this again. 🙂

Here’s a crappy photo of me and my favorite firework. You paint my life with a lot of colors, love.

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