My PUP Experience: Speaking to Future Freelancers

With Sir Earl de Guzman, Awarding of Certificate and Token

Empowerment. That was what I wanted to leave behind after speaking to the AB Broadcast Communication students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. For me, it’s always a humbling experience to speak. It was a dream I used to badly imagine doing, and never did I imagine myself doing so.

Bonus? I get to speak about the craft I do, and this thing I love doing most. I get to share it with students who I was once like, and give them a feel of what being a writer is like. For this specific workshop, I got to talk about freelance writing and how it can be a stable side job that can earn someone a living. I got to talk about freelance writing and how it can pay bills.

Photo Op with the Awesome Students of PUP!

I did enjoy my 2 hour writing workshop with the students of PUP. They were very interactive and I really enjoyed answering their questions. The crowd is always a big part of my talks whenever I do such because at the end of the day, it is always them who will be a living testimony that one time in their lives, I was able to share with them valuable knowledge about writing.

Sir Earl and the Host with Ms. Rebecca Lee of When in Manila

Being a writer is not easy, but it shouldn’t be hard as well. It’s something fulfilling, and something I will never get tired of doing.

If you’re interested in reaching out and inviting me to speak anywhere, anytime, please send me an email at or send me a text message at +639 06 463 5074 🙂


Photos from Sir Earl De Guzman’s Facebook
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