Two Favorites in One: Food By the Court

Patrick is crazy about basketball and I am crazy about food. We argue a lot and if there is anything that would make us patch things up, that is either food or basketball. Just imagine how awesome it is to know that there is a place where we can get to experience both of our favorites in one!

Food By The Court is a newly-opened food park near the Makati Central Business District. That means we’re only one jeepney or cab ride away from this happy place! So earlier this evening, we decided to take on another gastronomic adventure and try for ourselves, the many lip smacking dishes that this food park has to offer.

The Ambiance



The place is warm and noisy, because there are a lot of people in line waiting for their food. Maybe, the best possible time to drop by is early afternoon when they open at 5PM or late at night when they’re about to close. We dropped by around 7PM and there were long queues already. If not for luck maybe, we won’t be able to sit right away but since there’s a bunch of girls leaving when we arrived. We scored seats right away. The lights, oh my gosh, the lights, they’re simply perfect selfie lights!

The Food 


My favorite pick is among everything we tried is this cold pressed juice from Brother’s Blends. I so loved their “Sunset” juice which I guess is made from fresh oranges and a mix of other fruits, watermelon maybe? I don’t know. It’s so deliciously refreshing! After finishing one large order, I decided to get one again just because.


Another top pick is this chicken sisig from Sisig MNL by Lamexa is definitely two thumbs up! The flavor is rich and savory and it isn’t like the usual sisig that has a different smell or an ugly aftertaste. I ordered an extra spicy chicken sisig but I conquered it. It’s not really very spicy although the chilies, both red and green, were very noticeable in the dish. Five over five for Sisig MNL by Lamexa!


We also got this Chicken Teriyaki Sub from Mad Subs! This 6-inch sub sandwich is stuffed with delicious chicken teriyaki, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and special mayo. I think it is light still, because Patrick was able to eat the chicken sisig and rice even after finishing the whole serving of this dish for himself.


I also ordered this prawn tempura from the same food stall. Not sure if there really is no dip included but the tempura is so dry and bland. Uhm, not the best food to pick from Mad Subs.


What disappointed us (but no, not really a huge huge disappointment) is this nachos from Jack’s Joint. Patrick is a huge fan of nachos, and because he told me it wasn’t delicious even before I tasted it, I did not even try. Sorry, Jack’s Joint. Maybe not your best shot. I’ll definitely try something else on our next visit.

The Budget 

If you’re not a big eater like we are, then PHP 300 to PHP 500 would suffice. But if you’re someone who can eat more than you can take you glutton, then like us, you would spend around PHP 500 to PHP 1000 on your Instagram worthy food picks.

How to Get There 


Found this photo from their Facebook page.


Food is 5 stars over 5. Ambiance is 5 stars over 5. Budget is 5 stars over 5. You must be patient, good things don’t come easy, so it’s just normal for you to wait for your food, or even wait to be seated. Food by the Court is the real MVP. We’ll surely come back to try other food stalls in the place!

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