287 PHP: Beauty On a Budget

So a few days ago, I wanted to buy myself a lace-up or gladiator sandals. I told Patrick to see me in Glorietta after work. But being the indecisive person that I am, I looked for the sandals everywhere, trying out those that I thought I liked, roaming the mall for about 2 hours, but ended up buying nothing because I told myself I don’t need it at the moment anyways. And because I know Patrick would feel bad about me, not getting anything before we go home (be it on me or on him, he’s like that), I just got myself some new make-up babies.

I wanted to buy a new NYX lip cream, but I realized I bought one just a few weeks back so I decided not to. I am not allowed to go out of the mall empty handed, so I searched for something that isn’t too expensive and nude. It took Patrick around 30 agonizing minutes before I finally decided to line up the counter and pay for what I have. I’m so happy I got 5 lip glosses (in pretty shades), 1 nude lipstick and a smokey eyeshadow palette for 287 PHP. Yepp, you read that right, 287 PHP!


These are the Beauty Moment by Jacky and Lauren lip glosses that came in set with their Smokey Eyeshadow Palette (photo below). I can’t believe they only cost 199 PHP. The lip glosses come in 3ml small bottles. The colors are lovely. It’s easy to apply on your lips, and it gives a shiny finish. My favorite is the 4th shade from the left. The one in the middle is too pale, Patrick panicked when he saw me wearing it. What I don’t like about these lippies is the smell. It smells like make-up to me, and I am a sucker for lip glosses with fruity or candy scent. Below is the eyeshadow palette I have not used but I tried it on my hands and they look quite pale? Or is it just me not knowing how to use eyeshadows. LOL. Overall, with the price I paid for it, it’s pretty much a good catch.


The lipstick in the photo below is what I would label as a lippie made in heaven! It’s so pretty to use and it doesn’t dry my lips. Most of my mattes does that and I’m very happy about this Nichido Juicy Lips Lipstick in Apple Cider ! It doesn’t leave my lips dry, instead, it feels as if my puckers are moisturized in a few application. This lipstick isn’t highly pigmented so you might need a few swipes on your lips before you get your desired color. It leaves a smooth silky finish and I’m not sure but my lips look plump with these on. Best feature? It’s just 88 PHP. I found my perfect nude shade for 88 PHP. Awesome.


If you’re wondering how these lippies look like in swatches, I did swatches for you in the photo below.


I bought them in SM Makati, if you’re interested. 😉


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