The Face Shop Watery Tint Kakao Friends: Natural Looking Lips

This is the first time I ever used a lip tint. Maybe because very recently, I have been a huge sucker for mattes and glosses. Last Christmas, Ate Othie gave me The Face Shop Watery Tint in Kakao Friends packaging. I’ve been using it quite a lot now. I normally would use it in the morning, but it fades slightly faster than my mattes. Maybe it’s because it is a tint? I don’t know.


That one above is in Racing Pink shade. It comes in a packaging with a cute dog print! I so love how it is small enough to fit into my daily purse. I used to bring all my lippies and make-ups before, but I’ve decided to pack light already so I am only keeping this, a pressed powder, my trio eyebrow powder and my BB cream in one small pouch.


When you open it, you’ll see an oval-round shaped applicator that is soft to feel when you dab it on your lips. I am not quite sure why it’s in a pink shade because to me it looks red, very very red. I also believe that other use it as cheek tint too, but it doesn’t work for me. I tried using it as a cheek tint once, and it left a visible pimple-like mark on my cheeks so nope, I stopped right there. It smells of berries, and it has a gel-like consistency. A little amount would give you a vivid tint already, so careful when applying. It can be blended easily, too.


Above is the swatch I did over my wrist. I have a fair skin, and the above photo was taken without flash but a bright white light. I am still not convinced that this is pink because again, it looks rather red to me. Again, it is a gift so I am not sure how much it costs, but based on research, it’s around 250 PHP. It is made in Korea. Be careful not to leave the cap open, I swear it’s gonna make a big mess if you do.

I’m using it over my mattes at the moment, but I’d still pick my mattes.
This is great for daily use when you’re tired of those cream-textured lipsticks.

What’s your favorite tint?
Let me know!



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