Dailies: My Everyday Make-Up

As I’ve said in my previous posts, I have been addicted to cosmetics lately. With that, I am really really having a hard time “budgeting” because I just can’t help myself, but hoard and hoard for more and more make-up. You see, cosmetics doesn’t come cheap. Some are very pricey because they are of top quality, and you pay for their names (like Mac, L’Oreal, Happy Skin, Etude House, etc.). Some are so cheap, they’re fake and can do you harm (name it, skin allergies, lip allergies, etc.).


While my work doesn’t require me to wear make-up, unless I’ll be meeting clients, I still do. I wear make-up to work daily. You see, using cosmetics on an everyday basis costs me much more than what I expect these face painters to. That is why, apart from my “occasional” cosmetics, I also have a set of “dailies” which I use very frequently (because sometimes, I set “No-Make-Up Days” to let my skin breathe). These “dailies” are cheaper in price, and believe me, they’re priced reasonably but their quality is superb!


First, I prime my face with this R.E.I.G.N. Velvet Face Primer. I am not sure if these are still sold here in the Philippines, because apparently in the U.S, they stopped manufacturing the product. Although, I saw over cashcashpinoy.com that they still sell this for PHP 420. I’ve been using this for more than a year already, as I have a few stocks at home and I am so in love with the product. The primer makes your skin velvety smooth to achieve that perfect foundation application, for me, it gives my face anย almost minimal to no pores visibility! I sometimes use it alone, too.


And as I have said, we’re talking reasonably priced cosmetics here. That is why after priming my face, I use this Ever Bilena Face Powder priced at just PHP 100! The product is really good, and the color of this powder makes my skin look oilessly natural without the shine. If you’re on a tight budget, do not ever take a chance on using fake face powders, ones you buy from Divisoria or bazaars which may cause you more harm than good. There are pretty much a wide variety of “local” cosmetics with good quality in pharmacies, or supermarkets! Do not be ashamed to use them. Believe me, they are way way better than you 50 PHP fake Mac Foundation!


I have a pretty stubborn brows which are hard to manage. I used to use eyebrow pencils to shape my brows but they smudge easily and the hassle of sharpening them every now and then is just so sickening! That is why, I shifted to Bench Paint Box Eye Brow Trio priced at unbelievably PHP 169 in Bench stores nationwide. They come in a cute box, with 3 shades! There are also two brushes for your brows in the petite brow kit! I like how this product makes my brow look clean. The colors are as natural as they can get, that is why, you wouldn’t look like you have brows from cartoons or comics drawn over your eyes! It also lasts long. I’ve been using mine for like 2-3 months already.


I did not take a photo of my Fashion 21 Bronze Blusher because they’re quite dirty and used up already but this product, priced at PHP 155 is a must for every make-up junkie who is looking for an alternative to expensive bronzers in the market. I use the bronze shade, because I am a big big fan of nudes. They last long on your face and gives you a natural glow. This small bronzer may last up to 5 months depending on how you use it.


And lastly, for my lips, because my Kylie Lip Kit burns a hole in my pockets, I use this Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey Shade, priced at PHP 165 everyday instead! The color of the lippie is so light, it looks so good! However, with such a price, I may say that compared to my other lippies (Kylie, Beauty UK and Mac Vamplify), this lipstick doesn’t stay as longer as the others I have mentioned and the packaging is quite flimsy too. But again, for the shade, I really really love it! It’s almost nude, but it gives your lips a light, sweet color that is perfect for if you’re in a “girly” mood.


So yeah, these are the dailies that you’ll find in my bag, and these are big part of my morning routine. These products are my go-to cosmetics whenever I need a little perk-me-up look in the middle of a busy day. Remember, looking good doesn’t mean that you should spend a lot on branded cosmetics, it is in the way you use them and carry them!

PS. That’s a me before make-up and me after make-up. LOL!

How about you?
What’s your “budget” make-up story?

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