What is Love, Really?


Correct me if I am wrong but I think this will be my first blog about love and the many beautiful things I learned from it. Love is such a lovely thing, it hurts, yes, sometimes, but love, in its simplest, truest form, is the most beautiful thing on earth (and beyond because Love is in afterlife, and even way further than that). I’m writing this blog because we’re almost approaching our 6th year mark as a couple on the 29th of November this year and the journey with Patrick has been full of twists and turns and stumbles and getting ups and all. It was not an easy ride, the road was jerky and bumpy. Sometimes, I even think of it coming to a full stop, but nope, it just slows down, and teaches me so much about us as a couple, about us as individuals and about life itself.
Also, I thought of using my favorite couples’ pictures in here (WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION BUT IDGAF GUYS, I LOVE YOOOOU AND THANK YOU!) to show people who’d drop by how beautiful my friends and their love for each other are. Couples you’ll see below are the most awesome couples I know (apart from my mom and dad, and grandparents and relatives, and family of course). If there are people I would want to end up together, these people are those.

So, in this post, I will be more than happy to share how I define love, as based on my experience from my 6 year old relationship with my favorite writer (www.patricksutare.wordpress.com).

Carmina Taino and Jc Semana

– Love is sure. When you love someone, you’re sure of that person. You’re sure of who that person is, and what that person is. You’re sure of what he or she can do, and you trust him or her. You’re sure about his or her abilities to look at you beyond your imperfections. Sure, your partner may not help it but lie sometimes (because big or small, lies are lies), but you’re sure that your partner will never inflict intentional pain on you. You’re sure that your partner will love you during easy times, and will love you more during the toughs. You trust your partner in the decisions he or she makes in life, you need not to meddle with these things because you know he or she can do it. Your partner may fail, but you’re there to let her know that everything will be okay, and that no matter what happens, you’ll be the backbone they need in order to stand up again. You trust your partner more than anything or anyone. Sometimes, people will try to act as if they know what’s best for you both, but you know, deep in your heart, that you and your partner are the only best persons to decide for your relationship, and you trust each other.

Shaun Sager and Woja Ignacio

– Be it a rant, a heart ache, a triumph or maybe a complain or a nag, love listens. It listens and absorbs. Love listens at everything you’ve got to say, and will either support you with it, or reprimand you because it will deliver you harm. Love listens, and even in silence, it knows what you’re trying to say. Love listens at your deep sighs and frustrations, so it can encourage you. Love listens at your nervous heartbeats, so it can calm you. Love listens at your laughter, so it can make you happier. Love listens at your sobs, so it can ease your pain. Love listens, and spoken words are not the sole thing it hears. Love hears your whole being, and love simply knows what to do with every bit of you.

Darren Delgado and Marianne Bautista

– Sometimes, love can be demanding. But it doesn’t always demands for the things that’s hard to do. Love demands your time, or mostly, your effort but that is given. The demands of love can make or break the relationship. But you know what? Of all the many things that love demands, I saw 3 most important demands that love requires of you and your partner. Love demands respect, because you may be in a relationship and are a couple, but you are also two different individuals who need privacy and space. Love demands empathy, what would my partner do? In every situation that involves you and your partner, or circumstances that may affect your relationship, always ask yourself that question. And lastly, love demands love. Simply put, love will make everything easier and lighter for both of you, as long as there is love, everything and anything is possible. Love will always be enough.

Rance Vidal and Nikki Eseo

– Flaws and imperfections are no biggie. Love accepts, and by acceptance it means not simply accepting what’s wrong but helping your partner change for the better. It means accepting your partner the way he or she is and still believing in his capabilities as a person. Love accepts the fact that you both make mistakes, and that mistakes only make the relationship stronger. Mistakes are essential part of learning, and love accepts the truth that mistakes are going to hurt, but because love is love, and it makes everything beautiful, love in itself is an enough reason not to dwell much on mistakes, but on how to make everything else after, a whole lot better.

Joane Plantinos and Hernani Destor Jr.

– Be it waiting for your partner when he or she is in the office so you both could grab a quick dinner, or waiting for her to put on her make up before a date, or waiting for him to finish that video game before you could actually cuddle, love waits. Love waits and love is patient. It doesn’t rush things, because as the song goes, “only fools rush in”. Love knows that great things doesn’t just come easy, the agony of waiting is nothing compared to the joy of getting what you both want in its best because you both waited. 

Franz Cosico and Icka Tomas

– Love never runs out of second chances. No matter how much mistakes you make, love will always be enough to forgive. Love will forgive but should never forget, because in remembering it learns. Love should remember all the good things and the bad things, because the mess it is shows the most beautiful parts of the loved shared.

Renzo Dulayan and Marco Sindiong

– Because love knows its limits, knows what’s best for it, love wins. Love wins in all aspect of life, because where there is love, there is hope, there is triumph, there is joy. Love, no matter who shares it, or where it is shared, is the most beautiful on earth (and beyond).  Love wins because love is stronger than any other feeling in the world. It is an emotion full of will and passion and desire, therefore, love can win at anything and everything.


– Love, in its simplest, truest form, will conquer anything because love is the most beautiful thing on earth. It can conquer even the hardest battles, it can conquer even the strongest emotions, it can conquer the fear and pain. It can conquer anger, guilt and the ugliest feeling one can ever have. Love is beautiful, and people who love are beautiful. 

These are few of the things I learned about love, and I am continually learning, trusting the process, and enjoying every bit of it. I am very much blessed with someone who taught me so much about love and life and is very much willing to help me grow as a person, not just as his partner but be someone on my own, I do hope for the same with you!

– E


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