Me and My Make-Up Addiction

I do not know how it happened but it just did. Going back to my younger years, around high school to early college days, I was the girl who swore to never wear any kind of make-up , not because I despise girls who do, but simply because I wasn’t comfy having all these colors painted straight to my face. But people change, you know.

I started from lip glosses and blush-ons. I started from powder and definitely no brow tools to match! Then I learned how to use eye liner for my lids, and it all started from there. My job doesn’t even require me to wear cosmetics because, creatives. Who cares about how we look (unless we’re going out to meet clients) ? Again, I am not sure how this happened but now, I hoard for cosmetics. It feels as if I can never own too much lipsticks even if I have a lot already (maybe around 15 or 20 shades now).

A week ago, I came across an online shop that cosmetics and luckily, the shop was having their “anniversary sale” so I was too excited to get my make-up fix! When I viewed their album, I went cray! They sell a lot of amazing make-up and tools at super low low low low cost! Just imagine lippies for as low as 70 PHP or 80 PHP. I was hesitant to place an order at first but fuck it, yes? I’m trying this amazing deal!

I placed an order with HAZE SHOP on Facebook, it’s an online shop based in Pampanga and they ship their products through JRS Express. I availed of their anniversary bundle and got my items a few days after shipping! Believe me, my transaction with Haze Shop was so smooth because the owner was pretty much very hand on with her clients. She answered each and every question I made and even taught me how to track my own parcel. It was my first time ordering cosmetics online but I did not regret doing so. Haze Shop did not make me feel as if I am one makulit first-timer as the owner readily helped me with all my queries. I will definitely transact with them again! I am one happy. satisfied client.

As for JRS Express, come one team, I know you can do better! I got very pissed off when you told me you couldn’t find my office so I gave you my home address, asked if items will be delivered that day and you said it would be delivered the following day. I waited from 9AM to 1PM and no parcel came in, texted a few times, irritated already, but received no replies. I even told Haze Shop about this because it was already frustrating. I received no reply. I was only asking you to advise me on delivery timings. Parcel arrived at 5PM and still I did not receive any reply from your Escolta Branch. Do better. The shop I ordered from was so great and you almost ruined my perception of online shopping but nonetheless, whatever. I received my stuff.

5 STARS for Haze Shop
2 STARS for JRS Express

Will write a review about the items one I tried them na.



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