My Choice, MyChoice.

I am never a big fan of shower salts. Simply because I find them itchy more than anything. Some shower salts I consider, because they smell nice like A Bonne Spa Milk Bath Salt but still, I find it weird because it doesn’t bubble! Maybe it’s because I always think of “soap” that bubbles when rubbed on skin and we all know that shower salts doesn’t work that way.

But this one changed my mind about using such products. This magical shower salt is sooo good I got addicted after the first time I tried using it. I wanted to blog about this before but I told myself not to. Why? Because few months ago, I have written content for their digital advertising and of course, who would believe me, right? I get paid to promote this product online but that was B E F O R E. Even after I finished handling the project, I still continued using MyChoice Bubble Scrub.

mychoice bubble scrub cucumber shower salt shower scrub soap scrub body scrub
What made me love them is the fact that it is a shower salt and soap in one amazing product! You can really feel the bits of “salt” exfoliating your skin and it is not weird now because it produces bubbles! In one use, you can instantly “feel” the results, more than “see” of course. It leaves the skin silky smooth, I swear!  The fresh scent of every variant also got me. My personal favorite is the Cucumber because it smells subtly sweet and it’s fun to use (believe me, I find it fun in the bath room!). Also, the scent lingers for long. They have five variants, after Cucumber, I’d pick Carrot and Papaya and Goat’s Milk and my least favorite is Orange. Plus plus plus, they are affordable, I think they’re just around 100 – 120 PHP for 225g. They were also featured in Belle De Jour April 2015 boxes!

I give 5 stars for MyChoice Bubble Scrub! MyChoice is definitely my good choice!

Oh! Oh! Watch the link below. Our agency made this for MyChoice last year:
Click this link to watch their AVP! 



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