Tired from Screaming: The Conjuring 2

I am a big fan of horror movies and series and stories, and anything that is creepy! I follow Creepy Pasta and Creepyism on Facebook. I am in no way brave but I just like thrills. I’ve seen so much horror movies but the last one I’ve watched last night, that one which a lot of people were waiting for, it was damn fucking scary!

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The movie I am referring to is none other than, The Conjuring 2 by brilliant mind, James Wan. I’ve seen so much of his films, I’ve followed Insidious 1, 2 and 3. I’ve also seen The Conjuring and even Annabelle. I think I can say, when it comes to horror films, I am a James Wan fanatic. But The Conjuring 2? It was different. I screamed in Insidious, or the first Conjuring or even Annabelle, but here, I screamed my guts out! I don’t care who hears, or if I am the only person screaming. It was really really scary!

I must say, Patrick Wilson (as Ed Warren) and Vera Farmiga (as Lorraine Warren) really gave justice to the spooky visions of director James Wan in his creepily creative way of filming what was once a real life paranormal case. I must also commend Madison Wolfe (as Janet Hodgson). Just imagine a little girl, scaring the shit out of you. I’d say, it must be a difficult role to portray, but she did great. She was awesome.

I appreciated this sequel more than its predecessor where the spotlight is on Annabelle, the possessed raggedy doll. The Conjuring 2 is more meatier, story wise. The series of events were deliberately tied together, making the whole of the movie a eerily fantastic film. Since the first Wan film I’ve seen, I have always admired the camera motions and pans and shots! There was something about every camera angle that makes the film scarier. The sound effects were also incredible, it’s amazing how every bit of sound in the movie can simulate reality, it creates an illusion as if the audiences seated in the theater seats were part of the film. I would also like to say that, I will never listen to CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE the same way ever. The movie will make you feel as if you’re in a 2 and half an hour roller coaster ride full of screaming and calling out your momma minus the loops and dips plus the mini heart attacks and holding your breath to whatever comes next.

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The Conjuring 2 is a must-see movie! 
I’m giving it 5 stars. Why? Because this is the only horror film where I stayed seated for 2 and half an hour but when I went out of the movie theatre, I was so damn tired from screaming and anticipating what happens next to what.  



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