Kuya J’s Restaurant: Masarap si Kuya!


Living in Manila with Tita Myles and Ate Othie entitled me to a world full of delicious food trips. As I’ve said in my previous posts, I was born in a family who loves to eat (and cook!). Luckily, I am always a free rider who gets to order whatever she wants! This restaurant I am writing a review right now is a place definitely worth coming back for.

According to its Facebook page “Kuya J is a casual dining restaurant that offers great Filipino gastronomic delights using quality and unique tasting dishes in a homey dining experience.”, That I will testify to! I have tried dining in Kuya J Restaurant on its opening in SM Manila, with Tita Myles and Ate Othie. We went there for dinner. The plan was to get a good bite in Hap Chan but when we saw the place, we decided it might be worth and try and it definitely was.
Scanning through the menu, I have noticed that they serve Filipino dishes with modern twists. What we had was Bagnet Kare-Kare, Crispy Sisig, Crab Rice and Fresh Fruit Shakes. I had mango and both of them had cucumber shake.

The shakes were served in cutesy wootsy mason jars. The one I had, which was mango tasted like banana. I am not sure if they mixed it with banana but it does and it’s really yummy! It was also my first time trying cucumber shake, it tasted like garden salad in crushed ice. It’s not that it isn’t good but maybe, it’s just not for me.
As for the food we ordered, it arrived on our table right after 20-30 minutes. Say, good service matched with good food is always the best armor any restaurant can wear and Kuya J’s wearing it in full! The food weren’t flat and boring. Every chew brings you to wanting more! Every bite bursts with flavour.

The Bagnet Kare-kare was crispy and really mouth-watering! I am very picky when it comes to kare-kare and they had me in one bite. The peanut sauce went very well with the bagoong and the crispy bagnet made everything perfect! It was subtly sweet, salthy and spicy all at the same time.
The sisig was great, too! It was crispy and really spicy! It’s really a must-try! The crab rice tasted like crab but you’ll find yourself looking for the crab meat because it isn’t visible but it tasted deliciously like crab!

I give Kuya J’s Restaurant a 5-star rating! 😀
If you’re looking for authentic Filipino dishes that will make you remember many Filipino childhood memories, head on to Kuya J’s Restaurant now!

Location: SM Manila
We spent around 1000 PHP for a meal good for three-four persons.

Featured Photo c/o janego.net


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