My Favorite Summer Story


You are my sunset sky, my new hope, my new start.
You are my orange horizon, my greener grass.
You are breeze to the heat, my near to every far.
You are my favorite summer story.

You are my warm excitement, my looking forward to.
You are my yellow sunshine smile, my orange joyful punch.
You are my blue velvet twilight sky.
You are my favorite summer story.

You are my blanket of stars,
my evening summer air.
You are my happy place, my comfort zone.
My sweet dreams, goodnight.

You are the whole zoo in my belly,
my red cherry lips.
You are my open book,
my secret sanctuary, my silent love.
You are my loudest cheer.

You are my every letter in this poetry,
my lyrics to every summer song,
You are the semicolon to what could have been periods,
my favorite summer story.


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