The Burgery: Bad Boys of Burger Aren’t Bad At All

Please bear with me as I have not updated as much as I used to because work has been eating up so much of my time. When I find time to blog, I do. I have been busy with new things. New home, new work and so many other new things.

So this post is a late narrative of how I find The Burgery in Circuit Makati. I went there with two of my high school friends, Carmina and Clark. It has been 5 years since we graduated from highschool and this is exactly what I love about food, it brings people together, again. Food brings separated people again. Where there is food, there is laughter, there is love.


We all had Fat Tony (190 PHP). It has crisp bacon that’s so flavorful, fresh romaine lettuce, tomato and cheese sauce. The star of the show? The pure beef patty that is so juicy and delicious! We both had it well done. Fat Tony isn’t your ordinary burger. It’s crazily addictive but one will surely fill you up already.


Also had potato wedges topped with Parmesan cheese, and cheese sauce and bacon bits. The chewy potato wedges are good. It’s a good pair  to Fat Tony but it has this smoky, vegan aftertaste or maybe it was just me.

What I love about The Burgery is their home brewed iced tea! Really, it isn’t super sweet and it isn’t bland at all. For me, it has this perfect iced tea taste, just how I have always imagined any iced tea to be. A definite must try! I love it so much, it’s what is remarkable to me.

Of course, what’s a meal without dessert. Carmina and I had Brownie Mug, it is made fresh when you order. Technically a mugful of semi-sweet chocolate brownie topped with Vanilla Ice Cream drizzled in chocolate sauce! Heaven in a mug!

Spent around 1200 PHP for three persons. (Clark didn’t have iced tea and Brownie Mug, just burger)

It has been 5 years, I am now a writer, Carmina is a financial analyst and Clark, oh dear Clark, is a registered nurse! It’s pretty amazing to  think about how my used to be high school classmates are now successful people pursuing their dreams in life.

As for The Burgery: The Bad Boys of Burger, no you’re not bad, or if you insist, YOU ARE THE GOOD KIND OF BAD I WILL ALWAYS WANT. 5 Stars, you! 5 Stars. 


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