My PNMS Experience: Speaking to Young Graduates

With Teacher Amanda (the principal) one graduate and her grandmother.

I was invited to be the guest speaker of my alma mater, Paete Nativity Montessori School Incorporated. It was an experience I will forever be thankful for. It’s like an assurance that I am on the right track and that I am doing something good with my life.

This one experience right here is something I will always treasure. When I was in elementary, there were people from this same institution who told me I won’t be successful in life. I won’t be able to finish my studies and that I will just get married, have kids and suffer life, that is why, this speaking engagement was so important to me. It’s like life telling those people that they were wrong about me.

Another shot with another graduate! 🙂

PNMS is my training ground and who I am today, I owe this institution.

With Tita Norie (A teacher from PNMS) and another proud graduate and parent.

If you’re interested in reaching out and inviting me to speak anywhere, anytime, please send me an email at or send me a text message at +639 06 463 5074 🙂


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