Mad Wings: How Can Something so Mad Bring So Much Joy?

It’s amazing how you find something worth the calories, worth the splurging and worth the everything in a little corner of the city where you live.

Few nights ago, I had the chance to find a new favorite among the best wings I’ve ever had. Let’s just say, the wings they have are better than Papa John’s chicken wings (I hate that, it was so malansa and not delicious, period).

We had dinner at Mad Wings – Santa Ana, Manila last February 10, 2016. The moment we got in, a girl who was smiling and really was welcoming lead us to a table. Their service crews were very friendly and they’d get two thumbs up from me for customer service. I was in awe with their menu, because everything seems to be all delicious. However, we had 2 plates of Carbonara, 6 pcs. Classic Wild Buffalo Wings, Cheesy Jalapeno Bites and Mad Love Fizz Mocktail.

For the interior of the food spot, I’d say it’s well-ventilated, and is very classic and cozy. I loved how posters were hung and cute things were utilized to make the restaurant look very vintage-y comfy.

As for the food, I’d say, it was beyond what I expected of a little food shop. I was so happy about how the food is served, how it is priced and everything.


Tsek and I both has this classic Carbonara, it was great. However, for me, Carbonara is something you just cannot tweak anymore. It feels as if anywhere I go to get this, they taste the same. It was a great Carbonara at 75 PHP.


I usually don’t eat spicy food, unless I am with Tsek who loves everything spicy and who says nothing is too spicy for him but these Cheese Jalapeno Bites are exemptions. I’d get this even if I am alone. It was not so cheesy but really spicy and the tartar dip was something to die for! 50 PHP isn’t too much for this gems.

Mad Love Fizz is a mocktail that tastes like lemon and cherry and bland soda and I don’t know! It’s a burst of flavor in my mouth and refreshing, really. It was so good, I can have all the time. 50 PHP too, this is something worth the try!


And of course, the star of the show, what’s Mad Wings without the wings, right? These are the jewels of the bistro! You can have a MAD CLASSIC WILD WINGS which, according to one of the guys who served us, is very hot and spicy but edible. We’ll get that next time. What we had was the Classic Wild Wings, and it was spicy but very flavorful! It’s something I’d risk my tongue for. It doesn’t sting much, it doesn’t burn much. It’s deliciousness disguised as a spicy concoction. 150 PHP for 6 wings, affordability and deliciousness in a Mad Wing!

We spent 400 PHP for everything and we’d gladly spend more next time. I’ll try their burgers!

Isn’t it funny how something so mad make you so happy?

5 stars for Mad Wings! 

Mad Wings
Santa Ana, Manila
Beside Santa Ana Church 


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