REIGN: Perfect Favorite

It may be less of the obvious but I am also very much in love with cosmetics. I am currently using different brands like Mac, Revlon, Etude House and the like but I personally don’t have any personal favorite yet. Nope, none yet, none until yesterday.

I have been scouting for Mac Sin Lipsticks for a couple of weeks now and sadly, every time I ask for it in malls (I’ve tried SM Mall of Asia and SM Makati), it’s sold out. The make-up artists told me to use Mac Diva instead but no, I want Sin.

I was already frustrated about the Mac Sin but yesterday, my frustration came to an end. I found my new personal cosmetics favorite. It’s called R.E.I.G.N 🙂 It is a brand from the United States which is sold in super affordable price! And mind you, the you’ll be given more than the price you paid for! This brand was launched in 2003, under Joshua Brands in partnership with Ms. America Organization. The proceeds for all products sold (and are named after state flowers of state title holders!) go to help support the Miss America Organization’s Scholarship Program.


Of course, I first fell in love with the Scarlet Carnation Lipstick which when used leaves a smooth, not so shiny- not so matte finish in your lips! It’s awesome, really. I love how the shade isn’t too dark nor too girly. I would say, it’s better than Mac’s Sin.


And because I was so ecstatic, I bought another shade in Hibiscus Red and yes, I wasn’t disappointed. For the Filipina skin tone, it’s perfect. It’s very tropical (do you get me?) and not so sexy.


I also bought their Velvet Face Primer and the Galor-ious Mascara in Burgundy. I am yet to try the mascara because I am really not into putting heavy make-up on usual work days but their face primer is just plain magic! It is so smooth and it really covers pores and makes skin look and feel velvety-smooth.

It’s so awesome, I think I’m buying more soon!



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