#WalangForever: Fall In Love with a Writer

Last night, Tsek and I had the chance to watch a film we’ve always planned to see but does not have all the luxury of time due to our conflicting work schedules. So last night, we pushed ourselves to catch the movie even in the last full show slot and we haven’t ate dinner yet.

#WALANGFOREVER did not disappoint us. Basically, it is about Mia Nolasco, a scriptwriter for film who fell in love with a college batchmate, Ethan and broke up with him. What happens next is for you to find out. The story line was beyond great, it was cliche but because the artists were good enough to make their audience feel as if everything is happening in real life, the movie deserved the BEST PICTURE award it took home from the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival. I personally loved how Jennylyn Mercado (Mia) and Jerico Rosales (Ethan) delivered the script in a manner so natural, so relatable, so pure and sincere. Comparing to Honor Thy Father, which we watched last December, this film is better, or atleast in my opinion.  But Honor Thy Father is a good film on its own. It’s just that, #WalangForever isn’t as deep as HTF. Cinematography wise, I also liked how the film utilized the use of close-up shots. Mas may emosyon, mas mapuso, mas malaman.

Now the post is starting to sound like a film review when in fact, this isn’t. I’m writing this because I felt Mia. Damang dama ko, tagos hanggang buto, yung hirap ng trabaho nya at kung bakit masarap magmahal ng isang writer. So in this post, I’m giving you 5 reasons why, falling in love with a writer is the best decision you’ll ever have in your life, based on the film, and I am exaggerating.

  1. We will never give up on you as much as we won’t give up on our scripts. Kahit na punong puno na ang laptop namin ng Script V1, Script V2, Script V3 hanggang Script V100 pa yan, we just won’t give up because the things we love are worth the effort.
    Kahit na gano pa kahirap mahalin ang isang tao, hindi kami basta susuko. Paguubusan namin ng oras at effort yan. Parang script lang, hindi namin susukuan kasi alam naming kaya namin ayusin. Dahil tulad nga ng sinabi ko, the things we love are worth our pain. Kung revisions at OT nga, hindi namin sinusukuan, pagmamahal pa kaya?
  2. We will miss special events in your life, be it your business launch, a birthday celebration or even our anniversary because we’re working overtime for things pero we will surely own up to it and make up for it, with coffee, or with anything you like.
    – Sorry na, sorry kung hindi namin macecelebrate yung birthday nyo dahil nasa set kami. O kaya naman, may isang minor revision si client na kailangan namin i-OT ng mga until the next day. Hindi naman ibig sabihin nun na nakalimot kami. Don’t worry, pag natapos na kami, babawi kami. Coffee?
  3. Every single detail of our story will be documented, written in black and white. Because we do not want to forget, we will write everything down. We will make it a story, a poem, an advertising copy or even a word, we will note it down, even if others read it or not. We will have every detail of every heartbreaks and sweet memories composed in beautiful words and it will remind us the love we have when things get tough.
    Para san pa nga namang naging writer kami, di ba? Lahat ng kilig moments and heartbreaks, isusulat namin yan. Tapos pag nalulungkot kami, babasahin namin, that will instantly make us feel good. O kaya naman, pwedeng iregalo namin sa inyo for the special days in our lives (bilang bawi sa pagiging busy namin on that day).
  4. Masarap magmahal ang writer, kasi bukod sa kikiligin ka sa mga love letters nila, siguradong hindi rin nila hahayaang masaktan ka ng mga salita. Because they value words so much, but if you fall in love with a writer, please be true to your words because like what I’ve said, we value words so much.
    – We know how words can make a relationship or break a relationship. Sa bawat kopyang sinusulat namin, sa bawat istoryang ginagaw namin, namimili kami ng tamang salita, na gagamitin sa tamang oras, para sa tamang tao at sa tamang panahon. As much as possible, hindi namin gusto makapanakit gamit ang salita, because we value words so much. Alam namin na once nasabi na, hindi na maibabalik pa. Words are irreversible, kaya pag sinabi kong forever, forever.
  5. Fall in love with a writer, kasi kahit na gano pa kasalimuot ang istorya ng buhay mo, we will take it, strecth it and make the best “happy ever after” ending for it.
    I don’t know if it is a gift or a curse, pero as a writer, naniniwala akong kahit na gano kapangit ang nangyayari sa paligid, laging yung “maganda” ang nakikita namin. Yung “happy” sa “sad”, yung “tawa” sa “iyak”. Naniniwala din kami sa happy ending at magiging okay din ang lahat. Kasi everytime we write, everytime we revise, unti unting nagiging okay lahat, parang sa tao, unti unti, habang tumatagal, magiging okay din ang lahat.Walang forever, merong forever, walang forever.
    Baka meron. 🙂

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