Crisostomo by Chef Florabel: The Food Protagonist


December is a month of feasts and pigging out. And since the first Saturday of the month, I have already been eating so much that it feels as if comes the weekdays, I am already full for the whole week. Why? Because Papa (my dad’s father, my grandfather) just came home a few weeks ago and we’re a complete family. By that I mean, we will be eating out all the time and if not, Mama (my dad’s mother, my grand mother) will cook sumptuous meals for us, and if not her, my Mom will.


2 weeks passed and I have had my fair share of sea foods and I don’t want any more of that. Pizza has also been a staple food for a couple of weeks now. So, last Saturday, December 12, we went grocery shopping at S&R and the kids had to buy their new clothes for Christmas (Traditions, Pinoy. You should know that!) in Terranova (great sale, btw!). That means we had to eat out again because we just had to. I was hoping we skip the S&R pizza because I am already dreaming of pepperoni and pizza sauce, for Pete’s sake! And I was so glad we did.


What we had that night was authentic Filipino dishes in a restaurant that’s so cozy and elegant. We visited Crisostomo by Chef Florabel Co-Yatco in Blue Bay Walk, Pasay. I was of course with family. Boyfriend’s little sister was also with us and yepp, my favorite food buddy, he just had to be there.


According to, “the restaurant’s name is apt for a Filipino restaurant conceived by no less than the accomplished Chef Florabel Co-Yatco. Filipinos know Crisostomo to be the protagonist in Jose Rizal’s novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Authentic Filipino cuisine is served with a sophisticated twist. In other words, “turn of the century Filipino dining,” which is one of Chef Florabel’s ingenious brands.”

The place, as I’ve said was cozy and elegant. It looks as if it is a kitchen owned by upper class families where they enjoy fancy banquets and chic dinners. The dominant color of the restaurant is white and its interiors are decorated with humongous colorful paintings.


Most of the food was named after characters from Rizal’s novels. I have also been informed that most of Chef Florabel’s chain of restaurants carry the same characteristics. She named it after characters from famed Filipino novels written by the national hero and the reason behind it? That I do not know.

The food tasted so delish-ly Pinoy. It felt as if festivals of flavors burst in your mouth. If you’re a Pinoy millenial who wants to remember so much about your child hood and how your grand mothers pampered you with delectable foods for lunch, dinner and merienda, then go to Crisostomo. The child in you will surely be happy with the menu they have.


Personally, I loved their Sinigang. The sour soup was so perfect. I like my Sinigang really sour but theirs was perfect, it wasn’t too sour or bland. It was perfect. We had their Sinigang, Kare-Kare, Lechon, Ensalada and Kangkong with Lechon Topper (I did not pay attention to their real names, I was so tired and hungry!)

As for the price, it is of course, costly. We were 15 and we paid around 6500 PHP for the set of meals we had. But it was worth it. This is the dinner you will never regret paying for.

Rating? 5 Stars because good food, shared with awesome people makes everything perfect and that is the same word to describe that night. 


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