Charaptor Grill: When Food Ends a Senseless Fight

There are times in your life when food seems to be the only answer for anything and everything. Whether it’s a math problem or a heart problem, there’s food. Food will never fail you, especially if it’s unlimited and cheap. Especially if it’s unlimited, cheap and delicious.

I am one of the many people who turns to food to pacify my rants in life. I am not really a big fan of buffet restaurants but I love them. I love the fact that I get to eat shrimps and chocolates limitless. A lot of people never fails to call me names, they say I am fat. Yes, I am fat and I am fat-bulous! I am fat because I have money to spend on food, I am fat because I spend my money on food rather than on meth or alcohol (but alcohol, I drink.)

I had a little misunderstanding with Lean (yep, the girl who I was with in Big B’s and Azta.) and it was crazy. So to patch things up, we had to eat. And by eating, I mean eat a lot, eat unlimited, eat buffet. But since we were on a tight budget because our hair makeovers cost more than 5x the price of a regular buffet, we had to look for a cheaper alternative and we found, CHARAPTOR.


Charaptor is an all meat grill buffet in Makati. Aside from the fact that it’s the nearest buffet near our place apart from Dad’s, it’s way way cheaper. But of course, food selections aren’t as grandiose as that of Dad’s, it isn’t even half grand of Yakimix or Sambokojin.

So we went in at around 7PM in time for dinner. I was with Leslie (because we we’re patching things up) and Jerico and of course, my favorite food buddy, Patrick. The food was a-okay. They had several food options to choose from and you get to grill them on your table. Downside? You grill on charcoal, and by that I mean, all the smoke from the grill is irritating. There was an exhaust on top of the grill but it was of no use. Going back to the food though, I loved their isaw! It wasn’t too “kalye” and not too “home-y”. You know what I mean? It doesn’t taste too dirty (nope, not the right word) and it isn’t too bland. Really, and the best thing about that dinner is the Sinigang na Hipon! I told you, right? I’m a sucker for shrimps! It was heaven!

As for the cost, their buffet price is only 390 PHP per person and an additional 45 PHP for bottomless drinks. You will pay for like 20-30 types of food to grill. They have sausages, baby back ribs, siomai, ripe banana, isaw, salmon and many others.


Rating? I am to give them a 4 star rating. Why? Because the food were okay, it was delicious, it was just okay. And I don’t like their interior design so, yes.
4 STARS for Charaptor.

Am I recommeding this?
Yes, only if you have no money to spend on other buffet restaurants.

9752 Kamagong St Cor Aranga St, San Antonio Village, Makati, 1203 Metro Manila


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