Styled By Azta: Hair Goals Achieved

It has been a while since we planned to get a hair makeover. Leslie (of course, who else?) and I were really eyeing to get our hair permed and color it ombre but to our disappointment, salons do not do that. Why? Simply because doing both simultaneously will damage your hair (and you will regret that later, definitely).

So months passed since we both decided what we are to do with our locks. We’ve literally waited for this because we both didn’t have the luxury of time (and yes, money) way back months ago. Leslie was too busy with review for the board exams and I was a worthless no-career woman so I had to wait.

We did our research, of course. I won’t be ashamed to drop names. We eyed for Bangs by Tony and Jackey, Hairshaft, Azta Urban Salon and Beauty Brick Salon. There’s something about Azta that got us.

So after several months of drooling over our hair goals (see picture below), we decided to get our hair done!

beach-hair Beach-Waves-hairstyle-0000
I talked to Jon of Azta, one of the owners through Facebook. I also sent Mel a message, she’s also one of the owners and I give them a 5 star rating for being so friendly and accommodating! On Thursday night, I asked if I could get a booking for 2. They immediately replied and we were booked for the following day at 6PM in their SM Jazz Branch since it’s the nearest to our place (because I work in Makati).

I was informed that they only entertain customers until 6PM. We arrived at the salon past that limit but still, we were accommodated. However, this Gina woman(unfortunately met her first), the store supervisor didn’t seem so friendly to me (or maybe she has this resting bitch face). I looked for “Gina” because Jon asked me to do so, seems that it was the woman I was talking to, but she didn’t even acknowledged that it was her. I knew only because of our stylists. But Jackie? She was a-okay! She was friendly and was smiling all through out our makeover. Even if it was like 10PM already, she was all smiles! We loved her. And our stylists were also great! We just didn’t know their names but they were smiling, as if they weren’t tired and it was around 10 PM already.

Our makeover lasted for 2 and a half hours.

12170686_1068481276496343_106651542_n 12181828_1068481339829670_1793976518_n
he results amazed us! We were so feeling pretty during that night. Leslie had her hair digitally permed and I had mine in single tone ombre (Davines, because it’s on a 10% discount).

Here we are, after the makeover!
12179161_1068481106496360_1877605006_n 12179546_1068480289829775_807689289_n

And how I look after Azta?


Azta gets 5 stars from us!
The price is relatively higher compared to other salons but definitely worth the price! ($$$$)

Here’s a price list for your consideration:


You may visit their Facebook page for inquiries and contact details!

Tell me what you think about my hair, and share with us your Azta experience!


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