LUNA the LUNATIC: Great Film about a Great Hero from a Great Country

I never liked history. Well, not history all history but Philippine History is just not my thing. Way back in 1st year college, I only liked history because my professor was so cool he made this boring subject not so tedious. I remembered asking a lot of questions during reports. I was curious because I was bored. My final grade was 1.5. I really did not care about how the Filipinos fought for the independence of this country I am in. Mind you, I was in 1st year high school when I last sang the Philippine National Anthem. Not because I wasn’t proud of my country or of my blood, but because you see, what’s in the Philippines that I can be proud of? Poverty? Bumper to bumper traffic? Corrupt government?  Taxes?  The list goes on.Heneral Luna

History is not my thing. Yes, not until this film entitled Heneral Luna. I do not even know how to tell you the greatness of such a film and such a hero. I do not even know how it sparked patriotism in my heart again. How can I ever thank Jerrold Tarog for doing this to me.

The moment I bought tickets for me and my company, I expected to sleep inside the theatre. I didn’t get enough sleep that night (I never did, always). I wanted to get that “Ex with Benefits” ticket instead. Well, let’s see. I’ll give this a shot since Paulo Avelino is in this film, I might as well consider.

Heneral 0B

But you know what? The film satisfied me more than because of Paulo Avelino in it. Honestly, his exposure wasn’t even that long. I am not over reacting to things but this film is now my standard for one movie to be considered great. The story is plainly your 7th grade history story about Antonio Luna, it’s nothing much but the way the story was told in the film? Just stunning.


It’s astonishing how the editors and writers of Heneral Luna injected humor in the movie. I think that’s what made it really relatable and that’s something a film should always be. Mainstream movies like rom coms and thrillers are of this kind but just imagine a humdrum legend making you laugh your guts out because it’s so damn funny, you can relate.

The editing was also splendid. Photography was clearly thought about and every scene, every frame, makes you feel as if you are part of the film. Really, I give 2813528954972547921 claps to the whole production staff. The script was very engaging. John Arcilla acted and delivered his lines in a manner as if he was directing every word to his audience.

My favourite part? Correct my term if I am wrong but the scene where Heneral Luna’s mother asked him to sit down and a montage of his memory just flashes in the screen really sent shivers down my spine. It was crazily composed. It was beautifully touching.

On a more personal note, there are a lot of things I learned from the film. Here are few of my many thoughts:

  1. There’s still hope for this country if we only know what our roots are.
  2. The Philippines really is worth dying for.
  3. Only a few can really be a hero to this country. There are a lot of people out there who says they care about the Philippines and they will protect this country but honestly, they are the ones destroying the grandeur of our mother land. Sorry to say but even during Luna’s time, these people I am referring to are the same people who hold position in the government. Bago-bago po tayo please, para naman makausad din.
  4. One of the many things we can be proud of about this country is its roots. The blood, sweat and tears of our heroes who fought for our independence. Siguro kung alam lang ni Heneral Luna na puro pabebe ang ginagawa ng mga kabataan ngayon, hindi sya magpapa-taga sa mga sundalong taga Cavite.
  5. Some stories are better left unfinished. There are questions better left unanswered because it is part of a colourful yesteryear that makes up the wondrous identity of a nation.
  6. It is not enough to die for your country, live for it.

And oh, before the Americans brought Christmas Trees in our living rooms, it’s beside the “BELEN” we find our Christmas gifts on Christmas mornings.

If you have not watched the film yet, you’re missing out on a lot of things. It was the 240 PHP I will never ever regret spending.

5 Stars for this! Watch the trailer below and get a feel of this indescribable movie!

PS. Students get 50% off on movie tickets for this film. Just present a valid ID!

Directed by: Jerrold Tarog
Artikulo Uno Production

Disclaimer: Images from the internet


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