NBA Cafe: Hoops and Food

I have the appetite of an NBA player and I guess I eat a lot more than Lebron because I’m the MVP when it comes to eating. No food is a rebound, and overeating isn’t a foul.

Few days back, we visited NBA Cafe Manila in SM Aura, Bonifacio Global City. It is in the corner right wing on the 5th level of the mall. Upon getting in, you’ll be greeted by a huge screen where spectators can watch live NBA Games. The place was fancy, and I was happy! I am a huge sucker for hoops because fate gave me a Dad who loves the game, brothers who shoot hoops a lot and a boyfriend whose life is basketball. I don’t play that well but I am not afraid of getting hit by a ball when you pass it on! I can also shoot some hoops from a distance, unfortunately by chance. I play NBA 2K15 in our XBox 360.


Going back, the cafe was fancy and awesome. You’ll see jerseys hanging from everywhere. You can also choose your seat, you may opt for the couch or tables and chairs. no matter what you choose, you’ll get your own flat screen TV where you can enjoy watching NBA games while devouring on their humongous food servings! We opted to be seated in a couch and I noticed that their seat cover was like that of the texture of a basketball. 
his place is a heaven for basketball enthusiasts! It’s perfect!


And this is the burger that we had, a hickory barbecue smoked burger with bacons and fries! Pure heaven! Who cares about calories when you’re eating something as delicious as this? I wouldn’t care about lifting extra weights at the gym for this concoction. I loved how mouthwatering this burger is. The fries were generously sliced and seasoned for that subtly salty and spicily sweet taste. It was worth the price. My cousin had a mini pepperoni pizza I didn’t like. I don’t like bell peppers and it tasted like bell peppers. I DO NOT LIKE THAT.


I’d also like to say that if you have some spare bucks and is planning to go to NBA Cafe for quick bites, do not forget to refresh with THE 50s. It’s a vanilla milkshake that’s topped with whipped and ice cream! Classic milkshake. It was so good, so milky and creamy! I really loved how it tasted. I loved how it could bring back your childhood memory of being a bubbly kid who loves milk and ice cream! Their rootbeer float was also a great thirst quencher.

As for the price, if you’re on a tight budget, might as well consider other food options because a snack for two costs around 1200-1500 PHP, but believe me, it is worth the bucks! You’ll also get to have your pictures taken beside pieces of NBA memorabilia! Not bad now.

5 stars for NBA Cafe, because food was superb and place was great!


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