Big B: Burgers and a Bitch

The pitch we had last week drained most of my energy. It has drained my physical, emotional and psychological well-being. The life of a first time writer in an advertising agency as a fresh graduate trying to build a career is a definite stress producer. It felt as if I could drink infinite cups of coffee and eat anything I want without worrying about calories or my health. I am an emotional eater and I am often in a variation of emotions. I eat a lot. I eat more when I’m stress. I hate eating alone.

After the pitch, I went straight to one of my best bitches, Lean. We ate at a burger joint that’s by far, one of the quirkiest, happiest place on earth to be when work already sucked up your entire being.

Welcome to Big B!
They can be found in K Residences, along Tolentino St. near UST. They serve stress relieving burgers at a price that won’t stress your wallet. Their burgers are different in a way that it isn’t 100% beef patty but 50% beef and some other awesome 50% like bacon or Spam or longganisa. They call their 50% bacon and 50% beef patty, the Big B. It was what I had. Lean on the other hand, went for BAM! 50% beef and 50% SPAM! How awesome is that? A quarter pound burger cost 99 PHP – 120 PHP depending on your choice. It’ll be served with a knife stabbed on it!


And because their burgers are big, you’ll be served with plastic, recyclable gloves so you won’t mess your fingers up. Their sauce was also something they brag about, it tasted a bit herb-y for me. Tastes like something pesto but mayonnaise based? I don’t know. If you ask them what’s in it, they’ll say AWESOMENESS.


This one is our drink, we both had the PINK POTION WITH FEELINGS (35 PHP). It’s basically a clear lemon soda. The twist, or should I say, the feelings that come with it is really crazy! Waiter will ask your “feelings” for the day and will try his best to ACT it out while mixing your PINK POTION (served in a small bottle) with your soda. The feels, right? It was crazy, really! It’s a job that made me realize how hard it is to earn money!


We also had POUTINE NG INA MO (95 PHP). Fries, gravy and mozzarella cheese served in a silverware. It also tasted so herb-y for me. And as you can see, there’s so much greens on top but it was delish enough to satisfy me.

BIG B is getting 4.5 stars from me! The food was awesome and the price was reasonable, it’s just that, I don’t really like food that tastes so much like herbs. The service crew were also friendly but the service was kinda slow.

PRICE RANGE: 250-450 PHP for two pax.

Oh, meet Lean. My future CPA bitch.



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