Diners Tagaytay: Best Bulalo at 2:00 AM

Because it’s 2:00 AM and Bulalo in Tagaytay sounds perfect.

I have been reading and watching reviews about how awesome Bulalo is in Tagaytay, at wee hours of the night. I wanted so bad to try it but I do not know how to drive and I have nothing to drive (atleast for now) so I must say, I just dreamt of it some weeks back.

But dreams do come true! Gifted with a brother who knows how to drive and a boyfriend who gets paid thrice as much as my salary, I experienced free riding, free eating BULALORD TRIP at 2AM in Tagaytay. Yey!

We left Calamba around 1:30 in the morning and arrived in Tagaytay by 2:15 AM. I didn’t know where to go, brother and brother’s girlfriend plus boyfriend doesn’t know either so we had to comb through the foggy cold streets of Tagaytay. We tried looking for a 24 hour restaurant that offers Bulalo and we found ourselves in the dim lights of Diner’s just across Magallanes Square! It was fuckin’ cold that time and I was wearing a sleeveless top and shorts because the Tagaytay trip was spontaneous! We just wanted McDonalds that evening.


We ordered one large Bulalo (504 PHP), two platters of rice (that’s about 90 PHP, if I remember it right) and one Lechon Kawali (about 200 PHP). We also had pitcher of Iced Tea (about 100 PHP).

What’s special about their Bulalo is that it comes in a fire fueled food warmer. We asked the attendant to move it a little far from us because it might burn our eyebrows! Even in the cold cold weather, your Bulalo will not solidify into fats and it’s so delicious.

The Lechon Kawali however was nothing special, it’s skin was crisp to perfection and the meat was tasty. The restaurant has been up since 1984. Just imagine the rich cuisine that has been passed on to generations by generations and is still cultivated up to this time. Just imagine tasting a recipe that has been preserved for more or less 30 years already.
I’d give a 5 for Diner’s Tagaytay, because their food is perfect for the price you pay them.


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