Inside Out: Emotion Potions

No one is ever too old for cartoons and I will forever applaud Disney and Pixar for producing such value-laden, awesomely cute and wonderfully heart warming animations for people of all ages. Today, I went out for a movie date with my favorite food buddy/movie buddy and we watched INSIDE OUT.

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Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear are the cutie pies you’ll laugh and cry with along the film.  And oh, not to forget BingBong, Rieley’s imaginary friend who cries candies and the caramel bar tastes awesome!

This film is more than just the cute characters that will surely make every kid wiggle in their seats. The theater was filled wit children and some of them were noisy while we were watching the movie but hey, who’s to spoil a kid’s trip? The movie talked about how emotions work in our brain and now I believe it, I imagine these characters in my head right now!

You must watch the show to fully understand what it is about and I am not the person who’d do a summary of the story because believe me, you’ll love it so watch it!

What I learned from the movie is that, in order to fully enjoy happiness, we must not avoid sadness, because it is only from there that we start to appreciate joy. 🙂


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