Red Velvet Crinkles: Big Flavors from Little Bites

Aside from being a pasta-coffee-pizza lover, I also have sweet tooth by nature. I cannot resist the temptation of a moist chocolate cupcake topped with buttercream frosting or chocolate ganache. We have a pastry chef in the family and her cupcakes are to die for (but I’m talking about her some other time because this post is about something else). I just can’t resist any sweets and I love red velvet anything. Name it, red velvet cupcakes, red velvet cheesecake, red velvet crinkles and to tell you, I have found my forever favourite RED VELVET CRINKLES in a tub with a sticker that says “Little Bites”.

Ironically, I first had a taste of Little Bites Red Velvet Crinkles when I bought it from my dentist when I had my braces adjusted few months back. I bought a tub for 200 pesos and from then on, I told myself that this is the only thing I wouldn’t regret spending 200 pesos on!

What do I love most about Little Bites’ Red Velvet Crinkles?

11745338_10200664860701705_5279926743004918111_nIt’s their chewy sweet and subtly salty taste that melts in your mouth! The cream cheese filling makes every bite taste like a piece of heaven! It’s glorious! This is no overreaction, but I freaking love it! The crinkles were perfect; they aren’t crumbly and won’t make a mess when you take a bite. I have always craved for them from the first time I tasted it. Unfortunately, I don’t like on line transactions and I can only find them in online shops. I tried some red velvet crinkles from a booth in MOA last year before Christmas and they just failed me.

Few days ago, best food buddy and I went on our long overdue rest and mall hopped. He bought me a pair of Airmax Zero and Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake and THANK GOD FOR CRINKLES! I FOUND LITTLE BITES AGAIN! 😀 It’s in SM Megamall Building B, Hypermarket and guess what, they’re just priced 150 PHP!

And because I decided I need them forever, I searched for their Facebook page and found it! They are priced way way cheaper when you buy them in bulk (25 tubs) because you’ll only pay 125 PHP each! Plus, I found out where they sell their products! They have a stall in SM Makati and SM Southmall!

I cannot wait to try out their new flavors! They also have Oreo Milkshake Crinkles and Chocolate Chip Crinkles! I’m definitely hunting them down one of these days!

Rating?  5 stars for pure awesomeness and 54513678945648975 more for being so delicious!

To prove me correct, place and order with them now!

Little Bites Cupcakery
Las Piñas City

SM Makati (daily)
SM Megamall BLDG B (fri-sun)
SM Southmall (fri-sun)


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