Wandering but not Lost: Thoughts on Travel and Life

c29d224cbcfad0f4a21d7d646114acb4More than breaks from the hustle and bustle of an active urban life, traveling calms your soul. It calms the chaos inside of you. It flats the sharps, it slows the fast.

Traveling makes you appreciate life in its simplest form. Traveling allows you to disconnect from real life, including stress and pressure. Travel, if there’s one thing I would say you spend your money on, travel!

I have been traveling quite often now, and getting a decent paying job only opens more doors for me to visit places I have always dreamt of going to.

Here are things I learned about traveling new places and meeting new faces.

You learn a lot of new things when you travel.
When I travelled to Davao, I had to learn basic Dabawenyo (Bisaya) so I could connect with the people at least. Language is a barrier to communication? No it isn’t. Language connects people; all you have to do is embrace its beauty! You learn a lot of new things when you travel. You learn new mode of transportation like Davao’s Skylab and Habal-Habal! Imagine fitting 6 people plus their luggage in a single motorcycle! Amazing, right?

You get to know yourself more when you travel.
The moment I decided that I am going to travel the world, I knew I was going to find something more. I knew I was going to know myself more. Puerto Galera allowed me to budget my money wisely, something I never imagined I could do because I am so poor in decision making that involves money! Davao showed me how resourceful I am! Imagine living 3 days with no water, no mobile signal, no bed and all I have was my malong where I change clothes and sleep in.

You appreciate what you have in life when you travel.
This is one of the reasons why traveling have already made me cry genuine tears. Travel made me realize how blessed I was in life and there are things I have taken for granted that others are wishing to have. The mere fact that I can travel is already a big blessing I should be grateful for all my life.

You create memories worth treasuring for a lifetime when you travel.
I am not sure if I could travel alone but being with people I love in new places and exploring new things is certainly my thing. When you travel, you don’t just pay for plane tickets or ferry rides. You don’t pay for rooms or food. When you travel, the memories you create is worth more than any amount of money you spend for a trip. It’s the laughter that creates noise and not the coins in your pockets. It’s the warm hugs that keep you full and not the foods. Travel is far worth more than a business class plane ticket.

There are ways you can travel cheaply!
Traveling alone scares me because I don’t have Liam Neeson (Taken, you know?) as my father and traveling alone, for me, is too costly! Imagine paying a room for two nights all by yourself. Although traveling alone may make you appreciate your life more, traveling with more people is more fun and cheaper because you get to divide up the expenses you need to pay! There are so many ways you can travel cheap. You can wait for airfare promos or even hitch hike if you’re brave to do so.

You get the chance to immerse yourself with the diversity of culture (and food) this world has to offer!
If there’s one more thing I love about traveling aside from foods I get to eat, it’s the many culture I get to immerse myself in! Believe me when I say that no matter where in this country I go, the warmth and hospitality we Filipinos are known for never fails to amuse me. Ours is a country full of colors! Travel makes you experience eating food you never imagined to exist. Travel makes you see how much people are different from each other and every race is worth respecting no matter what. Cultural diversity is beautiful and travel will make you appreciate that!

Every time I come home from travelling, I am repurposed. I feel as if I am a better daughter or sister or officemate or romantic partner after every trip.  In every place I go, there are always reminders of who I am and what I should do with my life. In every place I set foot on, there’s always something that would remind me of my purpose in life and that I am not made to be just as I am today. Every travel trip is an opportunity for me to grow more mature and open myself up and let life use me to her advantage.

You will realize how beautiful the world is.
Everytime I travel, my faith in humanity is restored. The world is a beautiful place to live in. I can’t imagine any other world where I can freely swim with colourful fishes or sleep in deep slumber to the sound of crickets. Where else can I find a world where the dark of the night is lit by flying fireflies, where I can bury my feet in the warm sand while beach waves kiss my body? It’s an amazing world waiting to be appreciated not exploited, an amazing world where life is amazing.

Travel, because the world is full of beautiful and good things.


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