Lady Christine’s Baby Back Ribs: Amazing Ribs

11720675_10204734349300219_1988499144_nI had to get a good dinner because my mood swings were at their worst. It was already dinner time and not even a bar of chocolate can turn my disposition around. I am not me when I’m hungry. I am not me when I can’t satisfy my cravings. It has been more than a week when I started craving for Racks but I am not splurging on a one time meal as costly as Racks. I had to be in Laguna to get the clothes I have forgotten to bring to the city. Luckily, the best food buddy I have was on his rest day.

The usual question would be “Where do we eat?” and I’m not sure why but the typical answer is “Chicken Charlie”. My tongue won’t enjoy on chicken at this point, especially with Chicken Charlie that’s not even as half great as Bon Chon. So we decided to give our taste buds a new discovery.

Lady Christine’s Baby Back Ribs
recently opened in SM Calamba. It is evident because whenever a new food shop opens, people will flock to it and we had to wait for 5-10 minutes to be seated because every couch and table were occupied. They claim that “SOMETHING THIS GOOD SHOULD NOT BE EXPENSIVE.”
The restaurant’s ambiance was cozy and comfortable. It felt like eating in a country side diner with wooden chairs, floors, tables and vinyl records! It looked like an old school barn turned bistro. There were classic and contemporary artists posted on the walls in frames. I asked the waitress for the menu and to my surprise, their prices are so pocket friendly! You can get a mini slab of baby back ribs for 99 PHP. It’s a complete set meal with iced tea and pickled radish on the side. Their menu was nothing too much, mostly meat.

What we ordered was the regular baby back ribs because I was craving for this few days back already. I know I can finish 4 cups of rice but its dinner time, let’s limit it to 2. The service crew weren’t smiling, but they weren’t rude either. No reaction? Poker faced? I don’t know.

And tadah! I really wasn’t expecting anything fancy because the price was inexpensive. Anyway, I do believe that appearance speaks nothing about taste and again, I was proven correct. How can a simple looking dish be so good I would love to have another!

The meat was tender and juicy. The only thing we noticed was that the barbeque sauce wasn’t enough to cover the meat but it was sweet, spicy and smoky. The baby back ribs were mouth-watering! One cup of rice wasn’t enough for me. We had to get another cup of rice! I deserve this retribution, this sweet smokey punishment of being such a bad girl all day. ^_^

Overall, we really appreciated how Lady Christine’s restaurant took oh so good food to low-cost rewardingly delicious level! If you’re craving for baby back ribs steak but is living on a tight budget, go head to Lady Christine’s!

Ratings? 4.5 Stars!

(Because I wasn’t satisfied with the amount of barbeque sauce and your crew weren’t smiling!)

PHP 400 for 2 Regular Pork Baby Back Ribs Set Meal and 2 Cups of Extra Rice


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