Cafe Ilang-Ilang: Making Mornings Great

ila4I won’t say no to anything “buffet”, to anything “all you can”.

Breakfast is no exemption. Buffet breakfast is awesome and Cafe Ilang-Ilang in Manila Hotel makes it even more amazing!

I did not care waking up at 5 in the morning to get to Manila Hotel by 6AM. Lucky me, I always get to eat “free” fit for a king meals every time because I have sources (and connections!). It’s the perks of being such a networker (No, I’m not open minded about your business!). I got this chance to start such a wonderful day in food coma because my housemate, Tita’s best friend, Ate Othie met her cousin in Manila Hotel and they had breakfast there. Because they care about me so much and I can’t be hungry and alone at home, they brought me with them.

So basically, Cafe Ilang-Ilang is located in Manila Hotel. Ilang Ilang is a wild flower and I don’t know why they chose this name, but getting in, you’ll be welcomed by warm smiles from the restaurant waiters and waitresses wearing traditional Filipino barong and modern baro’t saya dress. We seated in such a cozy couch and I was all set to start my day in such an astonishing epicurean way!


This is my first plate (because it’s buffet and I can eat til’ 10AM but I didn’t). I got cripsy fried bacons, sunny side up egg, a piece of sausage, cinnamon rolls (favorite!) and ginger fried rice. There’s nothing so odd about my breakfast set, it’s a typical Pinoy morning meal. However, you can choose from a wide range of food even during breakfast in this restaurant. They have Korean, Mexican and even Indian cuisine this early. The bacon were flimsy and rich tasting. The sausage, however was bland and even the egg (or am I just used to eating salt filled eggs in the morning). I HATED their ginger fried rice. I don’t like its strong taste. There’s something about the fried rice that is too overpowering. It leaves a gingery after taste in your mouth that not even coffee can wash away. But the fried rice aside, I liked my first Cafe Ilang Ilang’s breakfast plate.

ila2As I’ve said earlier, I loved the fried bacon and here’s my SECOND breakfast set. Crispy bacon with Belgian Waffle smothered with Maple Syrup! This was the bomb. I only ate a piece of the Belgian Waffle and it was really heavy. I think it can replace my first plate already. The waffle was not too soft, neither too hard. It was easy to chew and has a hint of milk and cream in taste. The maple syrup was a wonderful complement of my bacon because it’s sweetness went well with the saltiness of the fried concoction. I was already full after this plate because I also finished a glass of fresh milk!I did try some more of their breakfast food and they were really exquisite and left me wanting for more.
Cafe Ilang Ilang, however is lavishly priced. If you have some bucks to spare and wanting a luxurious way to start your day without having to compromise the price you will pay for, I strongly recommend that you try Cafe Ilang-Ilang.

PS. If you’re planning to stay in Manila for a short vacation, might as well consider booking a reservation at the Manila Hotel. Not only will it satisfy you with a serene break from a busy day in the busiest place in the Philippines, but it will also fill you with chronicled history of the country as it has been standing and serving Filipinos and foreigns alike for more than a century already.

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Price per Person for Buffet Breakfast: PHP 1450


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